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IndiGo joins Jetstar Connect, powered by Dohop

Jetstar Group and IndiGo announced a new virtual interline agreement last Friday, allowing Jetstar customers to book IndiGo connections and flights using the Jetstar Connect platform.

May 27, 2023

This new partnership is powered by Dohop technology and will launch on Jetstar Connect at the end of April.

“The integrated booking engine allows customers to select flights and purchase both bundled and unbundled ancillary products, with customers connecting between international flights provided with seamless passenger and baggage transfer,” the airlines announced in a joint statement.
“This strategic agreement will enable both airlines to tap into the rising demand for international travel, especially during this summer holiday season”

Boulter added that the partnership will enable “customers to book interline flights between the two leading carriers and enjoy access to a wide variety of destinations across Asia Pacific. This partnership will help us expand our international connectivity to yet another continent through Jetstar’s network.”

“The ability to partner with other LCCs through Dohop has opened up a new world of possibilities, helping customers enjoy more seamless connectivity throughout the region”

As a result of the new alliance, Jetstar and IndiGo aim to offer customers more destinations, frequency, and connectivity.

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