Embracing the Future of Partnerships: Highlights from Dohop PartnerConnect 2023

Our second annual partner event brought together industry leaders, innovators, and more than 25 of our partner carriers to explore emerging trends, share insights, and most of all build and expand partnerships toward mutual success.

August 3, 2023

Dohop PartnerConnect 2023 kicked off with an update on the aviation market landscape by Ian Luck from T2RL, which was followed by an engaging session by Sebastien Touraine from IATA on the role of partnerships in the airline retailing transformation.

A highlight of the event was the partnership panel, which brought easyJet, Norse Atlantic Airways, Vueling, and Deutsche Bahn on stage to discuss their perspectives on unlocking connectivity and providing value through new partnerships.

One key takeaway from the conference was how technology can support simple and flexible partnerships and connectivity for the benefit of passengers. Dohop PartnerConnect shed light on how collaborative efforts can allow carriers to tap into new pools of demand to unlock growth opportunities.

The future of partnerships creates the opportunity to foster collaboration between different stakeholders in the travel ecosystem to meet the evolving demands and expectations of passengers. Sustainable partnerships that prioritize customer needs were at the heart of the conference, supported by the many opportunities to network and discuss new opportunities.

Dohop PartnerConnect 2023 was a resounding success, bringing together a diverse range of perspectives and ideas on the future of partnerships and, first and foremost, bringing together our partner carriers to network, build on existing relationships, and forge new ones.

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