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easyJet and Deutsche Bahn launch new air to rail connections, powered by Dohop

easyJet and Deutsche Bahn have joined forces with Dohop to provide intermodal connections between air and rail in Germany and beyond. 

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The new intermodal platform will allow passengers to book journeys across air and rail in one booking process, making the user experience more practical and comfortable. By connecting two different modes of travel, the connection enables new travel opportunities, as well as greater flexibility and customisation in the booking process. 

This initiative is in line with some of the latest developments across Europe: Many countries have ambitious plans to expand their railway infrastructure, which is further backed by the European Union. 

The connections which are part of Worldwide by easyJet – a platform developed in collaboration with Dohop, launched in 2017 with the purpose of connecting easyJet flights with those of partner airlines – will now allow passengers to book tickets that combine flights and trains. Travellers will enjoy new travel opportunities as well as greater flexibility for an efficient and thus sustainable journey.

The launch of the easyJet – Deutsche Bahn air to rail connections is a big step for Dohop. We have been collaborating with the two leaders in sustainability practices in the airline industry for the last months to make this partnership happen and the technology that resulted will be one of Dohop’s biggest innovations yet. We believe that the ability to book across different modes of travel will shape the way we travel in the future and we are honoured to be a part of the positive change that this will lead to.



The new collaboration between easyJet, Deutsche Bahn marks the beginning of Dohop’s intermodal offering as part of its already established virtual interline ecosystem.