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We believe that partnerships play a vital role in any connecting journey

For Airlines

The Challenge

Recovery continues to be a major driving force in the aviation industry. Network expansion and increased connectivity remain as important as ever, and decisions have to be made swiftly and efficiently.

The Solution

Increased connectivity between carriers, as well as intermodal offerings, and the swift implementation of the necessary digital and physical infrastructures will be crucial.

How we can Help

We are working directly with our partners to develop and enable API-based connectivity tailored to their needs. Our collaborative approach enables us to develop advanced solutions modelled to our partners’ requirements.

For Airports

Dohop Interline started taking shape in 2012 as we started our collaboration with Milan Malpensa airport. Together we collaborated on the ViaMilano project which was the start of our shift to connective technology. Not long thereafter, we launched GatwickConnects, which further led to our work with easyJet, launching Worldwide by easyJet in 2017.

We are committed to working with airports and airlines to help them provide their customers with a smooth journey through their connecting airport.


How can your airport contribute to seamless connecting journeys?

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