Worried about missing a connecting flight?
This is your stress-free answer to travel disruptions.

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With Dohop Connect you are protected from:

Delayed flights


Cancelled flights


Rescheduled flights

What's included?

The next flight

We will cover the cost of a substitute flight that gets you to your destination as soon as possible to make up for the disruption.


We will cover the cost of a hotel room in case of disruptions resulting in an airport overnight stay.

Meal and drinks

If your wait is only a few hours then meal and drinks at the airport are on us.

All you have to do is:
CheckmarkAll you have to do is:
Let us know about any disruptions by reaching us at +1 646 751 8693
or at service@dohop.com as soon as you are aware of a disruption.
Make no purchases or changes to your itinerary without approval from us.
Get ready to enjoy a trip where travel disruptions are no longer a cause for concern and worry.
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Experiencing disruptions?
Contact customer service by clicking the red Support bubble in the lower right corner of this page, or at the following:

+1 646 751 8693