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Dohop is the technology that enables you to find and book the most convenient and price-friendly flight combination for your self-connecting journey.

Dohop works with airlines from around the world to enable you to find and book an itinerary composed of flights from multiple airlines in an easy way. This gives you the chance to find more convenient, cheaper flight combinations that are oftentimes not available on any other platform.

Dohop combines both low-cost and full-service airlines’ flights into a single itinerary which can be booked in one single booking process. Instead of searching for different airlines’ flights to try and find the best combinations, and then book separately on their respective websites, Dohop helps you book on one single booking page which includes ancillary services such as meals, baggage, seats, and more.

With our award-winning flight search technology and extensive intelligence on passenger connections through the world’s airports, Dohop expands your range of choices on how, when, and at what price you wish to travel. 

How we help

The Dohop Team will help you in case you might need assistance while completing your booking, or in case you have questions about your connecting trip.

Flight disruptions

In the case of a delay or cancellation that causes you to miss your flight please contact Dohop directly. We will help you find an alternative flight and communicate with the airlines to help get the best outcome for you.

If for some reason you decide to cancel or change your flight anytime after you booked then please contact Dohop to verify your options before making any changes.

Changes to your booking