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Are These the 5 Most Amazing Beach Resorts in the World?

Are These the 5 Most Amazing Beach Resorts in the World?

Do you ever dream about spending a stress-free weekend in an amazing beachfront villa hotel?

Us too (nonstop every day all day).

We were looking over the categories at this year’s World Travel Awards and there was a category that caught our eye: The World’s Leading Hotel Beach Villas (so many words to love in a single category name).

These are hotels that just happen to be by the beach in exotic locations, where the emphasis is on making the guest as relaxed as possible.

Just take a look at these nominees, the Top 5 Beach Resorts in the World.

1. Beach Villa @ Sofitel Dubai the Palm Resort & Spa




All the accommodations at Sofitel overlook the sea, the palm or the resort. Each one offers a flat-screen TV, a minibar, coffee and tea amenities, a wardrobe and a Bose station. The suites and the apartments include a living room complete with a dining area and en-suite bathrooms that offer Lanvin or Hermes amenities.”


Amenities include: 

Restaurants offering various cuisines, from French to Asian and Italian delicacies. Porter House offers succulent steaks and grills while Maui Beach serves cocktails by the beachside.

The Spa at the Sofitel offers 28 treatments rooms, seawater pool, sauna and French beauty treatments including massages and deep relaxation rooms. There is also a high-tech gym equipped with the state-of-the-art cardio machines.

For adventurous activities, guests have access to a boat jetty and 2 tennis courts.

Take a closer look

2. Beachfront Villas @ One&Only The Palm, Dubai




The One&Only features spacious rooms, suites and villas that are either situated within the hotel’s Manor House or in private Beach Villas. The rooms and suites overlook the main pool and the palm-shaded terraces. The Beach Villas offer direct beach access and personalized service.


Amenities include:

A choice of 3 restaurants, which includes the over-water Marina Restaurant, Bar & Lounge. Guests can also venture out by water taxi to the One&Only Royal Mirage to have dinner at any of its 7 restaurants.

Activities include golfing, water sports and excursions.

The resort’s One&Only Spa is set amidst outdoor gardens and features its own pool and 8 private treatment suites.

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3. Beachfront Villas @ Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman


“Set between the mountains and a 1.6-kilometre private beach on Zighy Bay, this village-style resort offers luxury villas with private pools and a comprehensive spa and wellness center including Moroccan hammams.”


Amenities include:

A restaurant serving modern gourmet cuisine, Sense on the Edge, is located 293 m above the sea level, presenting panoramic views over the Gulf of Oman.

Six Senses Zighy Bay features extra large villas in traditional Omani style, with flat-screen TVs, home theatre systems and poolside dining areas.

Some villas have a wine cellar, and private massage rooms.

Private. Massage. Rooms.

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4. Sugar Beach Luxury Villas @ Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, St. Lucia



“Located in beautiful grounds overlooking Pitons Bay, Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort offers luxurious accommodation with views of the surrounding valley. Set on Sugar Beach, it features a spa, outdoor pool and 3 restaurants.”


Amenities include:

Villas with private plunge pools or swimming pools. All accommodation have a flat-screen TV, an iPod docking station, a coffee maker and a fridge. All rooms come with complimentary Piton beer, soda and water.

The on-site spa is set amongst the plantation’s lush gardens and next to a stream. It features a hot tub and a Temazcal outdoor sauna.

Treatments include wraps, massage and facials.

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5. Villas @ Six Senses Con Dao, Vietnam


“Set on the untouched island paradise of Con Dao, about 230 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Six Senses features luxurious villas with private infinity pools and unobstructed views of the sea. It boasts a private beachfront, day spa and fitness facilities.”


Amenities include:

Guests of the resort can enjoy butler service from their rooms at their convenience. Free WiFi, of course.

Lazy afternoons can be spent in the library lounge or diving in the sparkling ocean or pool waters.

Guests have the choice of eating in the Six Senses restaurant, private beach area or in the comfort of their own villas.

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And of course, all these hotels are bookable on Dohop’s hotel search 😉

Norwegians of Dohop – These Are Your 10 Favorite Cities

Norwegians of Dohop – These Are Your 10 Favorite Cities

You really like to travel, don’t you?

So far this year, Norwegians have made over 200.000 searches for flights on This is an amazing amount of searches for flights.

But where have you been going this year? We took a look into our database and counted up the searches to find out what cities are your favorites. And here they are:

Clearly, Paris has been your favorite city this year.


A lot of you also want to go to southern Spain, as searches for flights to Alicante and Malaga are high and Barcelona is your fourth most popular city.

Altogether, looking at the top ten list, Spain is Norway’s favorite holiday destination. (With Tenerife at number 12).

Where did you go this year?

Dohop Flights App updated for Android and iOS

Dohop Flights App updated for Android and iOS

Dohop Flights App gets first class upgrade to deliver powerful travel comparison and booking on-the-go.

dohop flights app updated

Dohop Flights App, available for free through Google Play and App Store, has been updated with a fully revised design, more robust flight search and the ability to save recent flight searches. Dohop has also added a new “discover” tool, based on Dohop Go, which lets users browse and book the best-priced destinations currently available from their location.

The app also now includes hotel and rental car search for a complete travel comparison and booking experience on-the-go. All of the flight search filters and currency preferences enjoyed on Dohop’s site are also now available within the app.

Both the Android and iOS apps were built using React Native, streamlining development and improving Dohop’s ability to release features simultaneously across both platforms as well as desktop and mobile, for a more fluid user experience.

“Dohop is committed to making travel planning fun and simple. This is reflected in our new brand identity and the simplicity of the user experience on our site and app,” says David Gunnarsson, CEO of Dohop.

playStore appstore_360

What’s in the Dohop Flights App?

  • Hotel and rental car search
  • Robust Flight Search engine
  • Saved search results — see most recent flight searches.
  • Sort flight search results by price, take-off  and landing times, best possible itinerary and more.
  • Filter quality of travel (overnight stay, overnight flight, ground transport between connections, self-connecting travel), number of connections, length of time between connections as well as airport, airline and online travel agency inclusion or exclusion.

Dohop “Discover” at-a-glance

  • Browse best-priced flights from your location without typing.
  • Check current travel prices for any destination globally, for up to 1 year.
  • Intuitive user guidance simplifies travel planning.
  • Additional “self-connect” icons identify unique, Dohop-created flight itineraries in search results.

Dohop Flights App Discover



Self-connect flights to great off-season destinations

Self-connect flights and off-season destinations

A really great way to save some time and money while traveling internationally, is by booking self-connect flight itineraries to off-season destinations. Non-interlining flight itineraries, or self-connect itineraries, include at least 2 flights on different airlines who are not in an alliance or partnership.

The Dohop flight search engine presents these self-connect itineraries in our search results, which we generate by analyzing and packaging flights by schedule and pricing between any two points globally.  The benefit of self-connect itineraries is often time and money saved.

Booking flights this time of year can already save you money. But you can get additional savings by traveling to off-season destinations.

Martinique and Costa Rica in the off-season

Credit: eddy_clio, Flickr CC

Credit: eddy_clio, Flickr CC

December in Martinique marks the beginning of the dry season, which sees tourists from all over the world descending on the small island to enjoy its temperate climate and getaway from winter.

But the last weeks of November and beginning of December can also be a great time to visit Martinique. Rainy season lets up at this time and businesses are anxious to get a jump on the tour season. You can often find great deals for tours, hotels and of course low cost flights. 

See flights to Martinique


The grass is always greener on the other side of the [tour season].


Whether you are looking for lower prices on food, reduced rates on tours, or great deals on lodging, you will find it during these glorious [off-season] months.” —Under30Experiences

Our friends at Under30Experiences, who we met during Startup Iceland conference a few years back, have a lot of great things to say about the off-season in Costa Rica in their latest blog post. As an organization who has brought several groups to visit Costa Rica and even inspired some of their employees to actually move there, they have some great insider insight.

Avoid the crowds and come in the rainy season between June & November. It’s cooler, there are less people, and you likely won’t get fried after the first day on the beach.”

Find flights to Costa Rica


Save further with all-inclusive tour packages.

credit: Under30Experiences

credit: Under30Experiences

Sometimes bus and guided tours are the most efficient means of seeing a lot of key sites at any destination without the hassle of planning, especially on stop-overs. Whether visiting the Blue Mountains of Australia or the glaciers and highlands of Iceland, experienced guides can really make your trip. 

But if you prefer getting a more curated and personalized experience without dealing with the logistics, consider experience companies like Tropicanyon in Martinique or Under30experiences who run experiences in Iceland, Ireland, Bali, Costa Rica, Machu Puchi / Peru,  Mexico and several other great locations, and offer immersive, community-driven small group adventures, focused on the local experience.

Visit Under30Experiences 

5 Reasons to Visit Warsaw This Year

5 Reasons to Visit Warsaw This Year

Warsaw is a really awesome city to spend time in, but can be hard to navigate for first-time visitors.

The city is big, spread out and lacks a really ‘cool’ center.

So we got tips from some Warsaw locals and created a handy must-see guide for you.

We want to make sure you don’t end up in a club bouncing with corpo-types and crap DJs playing Eurotrash music and there are so many more things to see than just the Disneyland-like Old Town.

Just in time for New Neighborhoods in Warsaw on September 10th, we present:

5 Reasons to Visit Warsaw This Year


1. Bibenda


Bibenda is definitely a go-to restaurant in Warsaw

Wether you are looking for a Sunday afternoon lazy brunch or Friday night dinner with endless wine and every occasion in between, Bibenda is the place to go.

The menu is based on locally grown ingredients and old Polish recipes but with a Texan twist, thanks to the founding chef’s childhood in Austin.

You will love the awesome service, the house dog named Buba who happens to be on the house red and white wine labels (very drinkable, highly recommended) and the menu made to share.


2. Bars on the Vistula River


Warsaw was recently ranked among the top cities for vivacious river life in Europe and that’s starting to really ring true.

While the river has, up until about 4 years ago, been a bit of a dead zone dividing the two banks of the capital, the city has put quite a bit of money into revitalizing it.

Now, you will find bars, concert venues and barges to eat tasty treats and dance until sunrise between the Old Town down to Łazienkowski Bridge. Just get off the metro at the Copernicu Center and start wandering.

Particularly worth a stop is Munchies for pulled pork deliciousness, Barka for techno, Hocki Klocki (in the image above) for hip hop and rock concerts and Cud Nad Wisłą for a wide variety of gigs, from DJ sets by Mike Skinner to crooning Polish singer-songwriter Kortez.

3. Museum of the History of Polish Jews 

warsaw musuem jews

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews took years to build for many obvious political reasons.

But, it now stands in the heart of the former Warsaw ghetto and provides both an intense wealth of information about the very long history of Jews in Poland and it is also a rather inspiring space architecturally.

Designed by Finnish architect Rainer Mahlamäki, it is meant to recall Moses’ parting of the Red Sea.

Plan to spend a few hours here as there is a lot to take in.

Wrap up with a walk through the neighborhood to get a full impression of a moving, tragic part of Warsaw’s history – the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto in 1943.

4. Plac Defilad

Plac Defilad

Plac Defilad is an initiative sponsored by the city of Warsaw to animate the square in front of the iconic Palace of Culture, connect the clubs and theaters and other cultural institutions there and revive some public space in the very center of the city.

The project is administered by barStudio, so keep an eye on their Facebook for regular events, but you can pretty much be sure that around 13:00 each Sunday in the summer, you can eat delicious brunch and listen to live classical music.

We can highly recommend New Neighborhoods Festival at barStudio on September 10th.

New Neighborhoods Plac Defilad

It’s an absolute pleasure for your hungover belly and ears.

There is also a few cool festivals run on the square, outdoor cinema, theater, concerts and much much more.


5. Plac Zbawiciela


This square – actually a roundabout just south of the city center – is home to a giant white church (Jesus the Savior Church) and is the absolute see-and-be-seen place in all of Warsaw.

You can literally plop yourself down for breakfast at Charlotte (the Croque Madame is ace), meander over to Karma for a coffee meeting (they roast their own), grab Thai street food at Tuk Tuk and then drink ’til the wee hours any night of the week at Plan B (THE cult dive bar in town) – all in one place.

You will run into friends, make new ones, get work done, while lazy hours away… it is definitely a go-to spot for Warsaw’s young crowds.

Check Flights to Warsaw Hotels in Warsaw

Long distance love during fall’s cheap flight season

Long distance love during fall’s cheap flight season


We love the fall for so many reasons, and it’s not just because it’s pumpkin spiced everything season.


The awe-inspiring sunsets have returned and we can feel the air getting cooler here at Dohop headquarters in Iceland (after an unseasonably and greatly appreciated warm summer). Fall is definitely upon us.

This week is one of our favorite times of year, as it marks the beginning of the fall travel season, when business conferences begin, kids head off to school or start college and airfares plummet!

Long Distance Love  💜 😍 💜


While still difficult, being away from loved ones for long periods of time has never been easier, as there are so many ways to stay in touch.

Can you hear me now?

From Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Tango, Facetime, Google Hangouts, everything Facebook, direct messages on Instagram and Twitter to business tools like Slack, Zoom, and newcomer Troop, you can share, chat and see your favorite people between highly anticipated reunions. Sending postcards, letters and unexpected treats in the mail is another great way to show someone they’re in your thoughts.

What are some of the ways YOU connect with loved ones while away?

Fall in love with cheap flights!

The correlation between the end of summer and the start of the fall travel season opens many great opportunities to plan and book travel to see those you miss so much. So, whether it’s your new summer romance, your long time love, family or a bestie, this is a great week to book your next big adventure together.

Flights-from-New-York-to-Los-AngelesLet Dohop help you reunite!

Whether you’re looking for flights from New York to Los Angeles, Paris to London, or Iceland to anywhere, Dohop has a few great ways to take advantage of the fall flight sales:— our flight search engine is designed for ease-of-use with variable filters to help you customize your search for more precise personal results. We then populate your search results with both uniquely Dohop itineraries (see “self-connect” below) and itineraries from the over 1200 airline, airport and travel sites. We encourage you to use Dohop in your native language and currency and home country for a more comfortable user experience.

Flexible Fare Calendar— If you can be flexible about your flight days (in order to save money), the flex calendar, which appears after initial flight dates are selected, displays the lowest fares across +/- 3 days from the initially selected dates.

Dohop Go— Research when flights are cheapest for your favorite destinations over a period of time. Or, use Dohop Go to see the cheapest flights currently available to any destination.

Dohop Flights App (available through google play and app store) has expanded beyond its simpler flight search in earlier iterations to enable you to have a powerful travel search engine on the go, with all of the filters and currency preferences you enjoy on Dohop’s desktop and mobile site. You can search and book flights, as well as save recent searches. You can also easily book hotels and car rentals. The Dohop Go feature is available as a “discovery” tool inside the app.

“Self Connect”— Dohop itineraries sometimes show a  “Self Connect” label on the itinerary.  These flight bookings are schedule-based, meaning we at Dohop automatically identify flight times globally (from thousands of airlines and airports) that complement each other. We then pair those flights together as itineraries, even if the airlines don’t have existing partnerships (such as low cost airlines or low cost-to-traditional airline itineraries), which can save you even more money and time while traveling.

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Flights From Iceland Have Never Been Cheaper

Flights From Iceland Have Never Been Cheaper

According to our latest price-comparison for flights from Keflavik airport, it has never been cheaper to fly out of the country.

The average price for a return flight from Iceland is now 44.045 krónur and has never been lower.

In addition to this, we expect flight prices to dip even further as we head into the fall.

Iceland is experiencing a travel boom, and more airlines now have scheduled flights to Iceland than ever before. This, together with lower oil prices, explains the unprecedented low flight prices.

Below you can see flight prices from Iceland to 10 popular cities.

Check out prices on Dohop Go!
Reykjavik Celebrates Cultural Exchange

Reykjavik Celebrates Cultural Exchange


Reykjavik Culture Night

Saturday, 20 August 2016, marks the official start of the city of Reykjavik’s annual cultural and event programming– when the museums, galleries, theaters and other culture-focused organisations announce their annual schedules.

culture night

For the past 21 years, Reykjavik has celebrated the occasion with a full day of activities under the umbrella Menningarnótt (Culture Night). The name is a bit misleading, as the day’s events kick off in the morning with the Reykjavik Marathon, end with an impressive late night fireworks show and sandwiched between is a full schedule of welcoming cultural events, celebrating both Iceland’s commitment to the arts and it’s long history of cultural exchange.

We’re really looking forward to the many music, theater, live art and social events for both kids and adults. One of the best traditions during Menningarnótt, is the “vöfflukaffi” where residents of the Þingholt neighborhood open their homes, offering waffles and coffee to passers-by. Waffles! Coffee!!

The full event schedule can be found here

New Neighborhoods Festival

Dohop is so happy to be a part of Menningarnótt this year through our support of the New Neighborhoods Festival happening at Kex Hostel on 20 August from 14:30 (2:30pm).

Dohop partnered with New Neighborhoods Festival to celebrate our mutual love of cultural exchange through travel, art, music and collaboration.


New Neighborhoods Festival, organized by the Chimes Agency in Poland, mixes a Polish and Icelandic musical lineup and includes visual artists from the two countries, providing exceptional visual elements for attendees – thus, incorporating artistic exchange into the spirit of the festival.

New Neighborhoods Festival Schedule (20 August):

14:30-15:10 – Beatmakin Troopa

15:30-16:10 – Hatti Vatti

16:40-17:10 – Úlfur Úlfur

17:40-18:10 – The Stubs

18:40-19:10 – Tonik Ensemble

19:50-20.30 – Baasch
The visual design of the festival is produced by photographer and video producer Guðmann Þór Bjargmundsson and video projections designer Stanisław Zaleski, of YesEyeDo who has previously collaborated with Grzegorz Jarzyna, Keith Warner and Amon Minamoto as well as designed video projections for Metropolitan Opera New York, Royal Danish Opera and National Opera in Warsaw.

The Reykjavik event is part of a two-city cultural exchange through music and art, also taking place 10 September in Warsaw, Poland.

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5 Things to See, Do and Taste in Wroclaw

5 Things to See, Do and Taste in Wroclaw

Is Wrocław one of the most gorgeous cities in Poland?

It probably is. In fact, it may even be one of the prettiest cities in the entire world (along with Bergen, of course).

Just take a look at this:


This year, Wroclaw is the European Capital of Culture for 2016. Wroclaw is considered the Venice of Poland (laced with canals and gorgeous architecture) and has plenty of things to do any time.

Here are five things our friends at Chimes, who are organizing the New Neigborhoods festival, suggest you do in Wroclaw.

1. Song of the Goat Theater

A world-class theater with an international cast and highly ambitious artsy productions (that also travel the world over) all in Wrocław? Yes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 13.56.45

The wonderfully named Song of the Goat Theater, established 20 years ago, really pushes the boundaries of modern theater. Director Grzegorz Braal really loves to push his actors hard and far to provide high quality interpretations of classical theater (but not only).

They offer intensive master classes in a variety of dance and acting techniques and regularly ‘take the show on the road’, performing in London, China, Brazil and many more countries.

2. Bernard

This is definitely our recommendation on where to eat in Wrocław.


Tasty food made from local ingredients, fantastic service – what more could you ask for? They even brew their own beer – it’s a good lager – and make interesting cocktails based on it (worth a try).

Plus, it’s located right on Wrocław’s main square. Be sure to make a reservation, as the place is full from morning until evening.

3. National Forum of Music

Poland’s concert halls have seen a boom in the past two years and most of the larger cities have put a major effort into revitalizing their philharmonic halls.


Wrocław’s opened recently to great fanfare. It is an architectural and acoustic dream – it both looks intriguing and sounds fantastic inside.

What is particularly cool, however, is the fact that the NFM hosts not only classical symphony orchestras, but also soundscape events, a new electronica festival and much more.

4. The T-Mobile New Horizons Film Festival

This is probably one of the best film festivals in this part of Europe, featuring a great lineup of films from around the world, accompanied by masterclasses by film greats like Agnieszka Holland or Ulrike Ottinger, loads of panels and even a few great concerts sprinkled in.


It is definitely one of the highlights of the calendar year in Wrocław and always worth a trip.

Make sure to mark your calendars for next summer already in anticipation of what’s sure to be a fantastic event. You can mentally prepare to never leave the cinema from morning until evening (though that might pose a health risk 🙂 ).


5. Szajba

Tucked into a courtyard just near Wrocław’s city center, you will find Szajba, a great bar to grab a bite, get drunk, dance and hang out.


It’s small, eclectic and packed with young people looking to have fun.

The best part about Poland’s bar scene is that there is no curfew, so, if you need to dance the whole night through, you can! And this is a great place to do so. They also run concerts of great Polish bands once a month and maybe you’ll be lucky to catch one.

Oh, and it’s pronounced “Wrotsvaff”. True story.



4 Tips to Make Left-handed Travel the Best

4 Tips to Make Left-handed Travel the Best

Left-handed people don’t have an easy lot in life, living in a world where almost everything is “vice versa”.

This can get especially frustrating while traveling. Well, we have a small something for the left-handers of the world, seeing as Saturday is International Left-Hander’s Day.

Personally, we think every Saturday should be Left-Hander’s day, seeing as about one in seven people are left-handed. But what do we know.

Introducing Dohop‘s four tips for left-handers to make travel more enjoyable.

1. Own the Armrest.

When a left-handed person boards a plane, there is always that sigh of frustration; they know that the armrest-hassle is about to begin with whatever right-handed person they will be sitting next to.

However, there is a solution to this as there are two stand-outs for the left-handed traveller.

Make sure to select the aisle seat in the left row (from the front) or the window seat in the right row. This is actually, for once, worth the extra euro or two the airlines charge for selected seating.

lefty airplane seatmap


2. Keep it Right (Sometimes).

When traveling, the left-hander can accidentally make some cultural no-nos. Let’s avoid that.

Always offer your right hand when greeting someone (you probably do this anyway). If you try to shake hands by extending your left hand in some Asian countries in might be considered impolite.

In Africa, Asia and in some Muslim countries it is frowned upon to eat with the left hand, as this can be seen as unclean.


Or just be a rebel: eat and drink with your left, local custom be damned!

Important business tip: In Asian countries, the business card should not be handed over or received with the left hand.


3. Bring Your Own Utensils.

Accommodation is not made for leftys, to put it mildly.

Most right-handed people don’t realize it, but appliances and utensils work differently for left-handers.

Parachute cords are almost always on the right side, for instance (this just means that skydiving is even more extreme for left-handed people).

There are a few common items we suggest left-handers pack and bring with them when they travel, just in case.

It starts with the corkscrew, but also a pair of scissors, a pocket knife and a can opener (what’s the deal with right-handed can openers anyway?).


Medieval torture-device for lefties. Scissors to most people.

Just remember not to put them in your check-in bags, as we doubt that security will accept “but I’m left-handed” as an explanation for having a knife in your hand luggage.

4. Use Your Superpowers.

Sometimes, being left-handed can actually seem like a superpower.

You see, most countries have right-hand traffic so the cars are designed for right-handed drivers. This means that all operating elements, including gear change, are on the right side.

However, there they are a few wonderful countries with left-sided traffic where you sit on the right side of the car. So the controls – for once – are on the left.

Here, being left-handed is actually like a superpower.

I’ll handle this,” you can say and drive like the left-handed god you are.


To make the most of this superpower, book trips to England, Australia, Thailand, South-Africa or Mauritius.

Share this with your left-handed friends. Then give them a left-handed high-five.