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How prices on flights from Iceland will change in the next months

How prices on flights from Iceland will change in the next months

Do you want to know the cheapest time to travel in the coming months?

We constantly monitor flight price trends here at Dohop. In analyzing how prices evolved in 2015 and the pattern thus far in 2016, we can estimate that its likely we’ll see a drop in flight prices in the next months.

Even though the prices on flights from Iceland right now are 17% lower than in previous years (more competition perhaps?), we expect them to drop even further.

The green line in the graph below shows how prices were in 2015 and the red line shows monthly average prices so far in 2016

You can see, for instance, how much cheaper flights are now than they were at the same time last year.

The gray line represents our prediction for the rest of 2016.

There is less of an increase in flight prices this summer because we have not seen as much of an increase in flight prices to the U.S. as we saw last year.

The good news, of course, is that as low as prices are right now, we expect an even further drop as the year progresses into autumn, which is a great time to travel.

This Clever New Browser Feature Will Take the Stress Out of Your Next Flight Search

This Clever New Browser Feature Will Take the Stress Out of Your Next Flight Search

Finding and booking flights online can be stressful, right?

Even when using Dohop, you can still worry that you aren’t booking the right flight and if you are booking a Self-Connect flight there’s the added layer of stress with regards to making sure the flight times match.

No more.

Vivaldi is a browser that has a neat little feature that will remove some of that stress.


The browser lets you do something that has really been missing from flight search.

When you use sites like Dohop to find flights, once you find something you want to book you click the result you like and are taken away to a booking site.

There, you are sometimes presented with more than one option and aren’t sure which flight it was exactly that you clicked.

Add to that the fact that if you are booking separate outbound and return flights or are lucky enough to have a Self-Connect option avaialble this becomes even more of an issue.

“What time was the return flight? Is this the right airline?”


The Secret Feature

Enter Vivaldi.

With Vivaldi you can stack tabs and then have them appear next to each other within the same window.

This way, you can keep your search results on one side as reference while you book the flight. No more jumping back and forth between browser tabs, no more worries about booking the wrong flight.


Book your flight with the search result open for reference

Everything you need to now is right in front of you, right as you are booking. In the image above, for example, you can see that the price and times match. You are booking the correct flight.

You can even stack three or four tabs in the same screen.


Open two or more browser tabs side-by-side.

Here’s how it’s done. Once you have a search result that opens in another tab, drag that tab over the Dohop tab. When it turns gray, let go and the tabs are stacked. Right-click the tabs and select “Tile stacked tabs” and it will open each tab separately in a split-screen view.

Clever, right?

Get Vivaldi for yourself and try it out the next time you are booking flights.

Download Vivaldi Today!

GatwickConnects booking page

Dohop and Gatwick launch GatwickConnects

Dohop and London Gatwick have launched a new and unique booking service, GatwickConnects, which enables flights from separate airlines connection through Gatwick to be booked in a single transaction. Gatwick offers a guarantee of service if flights don’t operate as planned.

GatwickConnects booking page

Previously, connected flights between the participating airlines would have to be booked separately and included the risk of travelers having to buy new flights if the first was delayed. GatwickConnects joins the tickets into a single booking and removes this risk by protecting the connection for the passengers.

Are These The 11 Best Travel Apps in The World?

Are These The 11 Best Travel Apps in The World?

What’s your favorite travel app?

Do you think it’s one of the best in the world?

The World Travel Awards aim to find and promote the very in travel and this year they shortlisted the following 11 travel apps for the awards “World’s Leading Travel App“. Is your favorite among the nominees?

(Clicking on any logo takes you to the App in Google’s Play Store).

Booking Now

icon175x175Booking Now is’s last-minute hotel-booking app. Using your location, Booking Now can find you a hotel near you that you can then book.

The focus is on last-minute hotel bookings, which are a surprisingly large market, if our own hotel booking info is anything to go by. After you book a hotel you will receive directions to your hotel, in-app, showing you clearly where the hotel is.

Reviews: 272 people have rated Booking Now, giving it an average of 4.2 stars.


Dohop Nominated for World Travel Awards

Dohop Nominated for World Travel Awards

Dohop has been nominated for the World Travel Awards for the third time in a row in the category of “World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website”. We actually won this award in 2014 and hopefully we can make it two years in a row. I guarantee that you are not as impressed as we are. Considering who we’re up against, this nomination is indeed impressive. We wrote about all the nominees in a different post, but to name a few, the giants are undoubtedly Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, and Hipmunk.

To get a better idea of what kind of companies we are up against, let’s take a look at Kayak. Almost 2 years ago, they were acquired by and were given a valuation of $1.8 billion. They are ranked 163rd largest website in the USA and are in the top 500 worldwide. Their marketing budget is many times the valuation of Dohop and they employ 10x more people. So, it’s safe to say that Kayak’s fire power is significantly bigger than Dohop’s. Looking at Skyscanner, Momondo, and Hipmunk will tell a similar story.

Graph – This Is How Fast Mobile Is Growing in Travel

Graph – This Is How Fast Mobile Is Growing in Travel

Have you used your phone to search for and book a flight? How about a last minute hotel?

Mobile is growing fast. In fact, chances are that you are reading this on your phone. (So far in June, 51% of visitors to this blog have been using their mobile phones.)

Mobile growth in travel

The following graph shows how the devices you are using to search for flights on Dohop has been changing, and changing quickly, in the last three years. This does not take into account the people who are using our app to find flights.

Opera Software co-founder invests in Dohop

Jon S. Von Tetzchner

Entrepreneur and investor, Jon Von Tetzchner has acquired a 10% stake in Dohop, and with this investment he becomes the company’s third largest shareholder. Tetzchner notably co-founded Opera Software in 1995 and holds stakes in a range of technology companies across several sectors.

Known for his innate ability to foster innovation and growth, Jon has extensive connections in the entrepreneurial and technology sectors around the world. “Dohop is well positioned for growth in various markets, especially in markets where online travel is growing at a rapidly increasing pace,” says Mr. Tetzchner. “Dohop’s technology is quite unique, and it is the perfect time to use that technology to achieve higher growth for the company in the long run.”

Kristjan Bjarnason, Dohop’s CEO, sees opportunities with a new investor: “Jon is an entrepreneur with technology background, experience and network that will benefit the company in coming years. A stronger ownership base leads to a stronger company with more opportunities to grow in various markets across the world.”

You can read the full press release here.

4 Reasons New Dohop Will Make You Happy

The new version of Dohop is live.


So, how are we making your flight-finding easier? Let us count the ways.

1. Faster results

Results show up with supersonic speed. We stripped our algorithms, upgraded the server temporals and re-adjusted the flux capacitors and now we present prices with eye-stunning speed.

2. Easier on the eyes

We made all the elements that matter (price, flight information and the buttons) easier to see and read.

3. Prettier on your iPad

If you are on an iPad, the new design will scrunch up to fit the screen. Same if you are using a phone to search for flights. The design gurus call it “responsive design”, we just hope that it means that searching for flights doesn’t mean that you have to be on the computer at home.

4. Smarter with your money

Wouldn’t you want to know if flying out a day early could save you money? Well, we do that now. If we know about a cheaper flight around the days you searched for, we’ll let you know with a little blue bar at the top of the results.


Now, go try it out for yourself. Go ahead. Look for a flight to that city you always wanted to visit. New Dohop.

Is Dohop Going to go Broke?

We are a flight search engine. And every time our users find and book flights, hotels or rental cars, we make a little money. We recently came across a very interesting graph that caused our hearts to skip a beat.

The Bad News

The following image should scare us. We want user to find us when they look are looking for flights and hotels, and the graph below clearly shows that fewer and fewer people are doing so. In fact, judging by the steepness of the graph, we should be panicking.

The red line shows searches made for the keyword “hotels” and the blue line for the keyword “Flights”. As is clear, most of the world is increasingly finding their flights through other means than googling. (Except for Ireland, they still go nuts googling for hotels.)

The Good News

Dohop has been growing steadily since we launched in 2005 and search traffic is not really a big source of our traffic. The people who should really be worried are the ones that depend on traffic from these keywords. (Google, we are looking in your direction.) With their acquisition of ITA, Google is looking to cash in on those looking for these keywords, and as the graph shows, this is a rapidly diminishing group.

So no, we are not going to go broke in the near future, since our visitor numbers are growing every year, despite this clear decline in people googling “flights” and “hotels”. Our visitor graph looks quite the opposite of the one above. Google flights, on the other hand, may go the way of Buzz and Wave in a year or two.

The Difference a Day Makes

Sometimes we peek into the informattion dump that Google Analytics is, to see where our visitors are coming from, and where they are growing. Today, I thought I share a quick comparison between September 20th 2012 and the same day last year.


Most visits to Dohop from: Iceland, both days.

Country with biggest difference in visits: Saudi Arabia for pure number of visitors, Puerto Rico in percentage (285% percent increase in visits), though Puerto Rico is not in the top ten.

Now check out the difference in the Top Ten list of visitor countries between September 20th 2011 and 2012

Top ten visitors to Dohop 20th September 2011

1. Iceland

2. United States

3. United Kingdom

4. Mexico

5. Germany

6. Russia

7. Sweden

8. Thailand

9. Turkey

10. Spain

Top ten visitors to Dohop 20th September 2012

1. Iceland

2. United States

3. United Kingdom

4. Saudi Arabia

5. Italy

6. Germany

7. Hungary

8. Russia

9. Greece

10. Mexico

Make of this information what you will.