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Dohop Flights App updated for Android and iOS

Dohop Flights App updated for Android and iOS

Dohop Flights App gets first class upgrade to deliver powerful travel comparison and booking on-the-go.

dohop flights app updated

Dohop Flights App, available for free through Google Play and App Store, has been updated with a fully revised design, more robust flight search and the ability to save recent flight searches. Dohop has also added a new “discover” tool, based on Dohop Go, which lets users browse and book the best-priced destinations currently available from their location.

The app also now includes hotel and rental car search for a complete travel comparison and booking experience on-the-go. All of the flight search filters and currency preferences enjoyed on Dohop’s site are also now available within the app.

Both the Android and iOS apps were built using React Native, streamlining development and improving Dohop’s ability to release features simultaneously across both platforms as well as desktop and mobile, for a more fluid user experience.

“Dohop is committed to making travel planning fun and simple. This is reflected in our new brand identity and the simplicity of the user experience on our site and app,” says David Gunnarsson, CEO of Dohop.

playStore appstore_360

What’s in the Dohop Flights App?

  • Hotel and rental car search
  • Robust Flight Search engine
  • Saved search results — see most recent flight searches.
  • Sort flight search results by price, take-off  and landing times, best possible itinerary and more.
  • Filter quality of travel (overnight stay, overnight flight, ground transport between connections, self-connecting travel), number of connections, length of time between connections as well as airport, airline and online travel agency inclusion or exclusion.

Dohop “Discover” at-a-glance

  • Browse best-priced flights from your location without typing.
  • Check current travel prices for any destination globally, for up to 1 year.
  • Intuitive user guidance simplifies travel planning.
  • Additional “self-connect” icons identify unique, Dohop-created flight itineraries in search results.

Dohop Flights App Discover



Dohop Adds FLYR Fare Protection for Flexible Travel Planning

Dohop Adds FLYR Fare Protection for Flexible Travel Planning


San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 29, 2016, the Iceland-based travel comparison site, today announced the introduction of FLYR Fare Protection to its growing list of customer-friendly flight search features.

FLYR Fare Protection is a new service that allows users to guard against fare hikes during their trip planning process.

flyr_lock-in dohop_website_flyr_04

For a small fee per passenger, FLYR Fare Protection protects today’s airfare for up to 30 days, giving customers the time and flexibility they need. For example, if a customer books a protected itinerary at a higher price during the coverage period, FLYR Fare Protection will pay out the difference, up to $200 USD (or equivalent) per protected passenger. Likewise, if the airfare drops during the coverage period, FLYR will notify the customer of the new lower fare. If the customer does not book the travel, their only cost is the small Fare Protection fee.

“Dohop is committed to helping customers make travel work for them,” said David Gunnarsson, Dohop’s CEO.

“By adding FLYR Fare Protection to Dohop, we are helping customers minimize their risk while giving them the flexibility they need to make the best choices for their travel plan.”

Fare Protection is useful for travelers who need a bit more time to finalize plans before committing to a booking.

Instead of booking the flight immediately and risk paying hundreds of dollars in cancellation fees or change fees, FLYR Fare Protection customers can stay flexible at a fraction of the cost.

“For over a decade, Dohop has dedicated itself to making travel as simple and stress-free as possible, all while finding low prices for its users. With our unprecedented value and flexibility, FLYR’s travel products are a natural fit with the Dohop brand.” — Jean Tripier, Co-founder and CEO, FLYR

“We’re thrilled to be launching FLYR Fare Protection with Dohop. As a fast-growing travel search engine with a playful, fun-focused image, it’s an ideal partner for us to work with in rolling out this revolutionary product to users.” — Alex Mans, Co-founder and CTO, FLYR

FLYR Fare Protection is available on Dohop in many currencies including Canadian Dollars, Danish Krones, Euros, Great British Pounds, Icelandic Krona, Norwegian Krones, Swedish Krona and US Dollars as well as several languages including English, Icelandic, German, Spanish and French. Additional FLYR personalized support is available in English, Spanish and French.

About Dohop

Dohop is a desktop, mobile site and app featuring a unique meta search engine for comparing and booking flights, hotels and rental cars. Dohop’s website and mobile app are nominated for two 2016 World Travel Awards™: World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website and World’s Leading Travel Technology Provider. Previously, Dohop was voted the 2015 USA Today Reader’s Choice Award for Best App/Website for Transportation and the 2014 World Travel Award for World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website.

Dohop’s B2B technology solutions offer virtual interlining and B2C flight search and booking technologies to airlines, airports and other travel websites. Notable customers include Jetairfly, Gatwick Airport, Milano Malpensa Airport and Yandex.


About FLYR

FLYR, Inc. is a San Francisco-based data science company focused on price protection, booking optimization, and travel finance. It was first conceived to relieve a universal pain point among travelers — the guessing game of booking airfares. Using mountains of data and billions of data points daily, FLYR has built the world’s most sophisticated pricing algorithm for airfares.

FLYR’s Fare Protection, quantifies fare volatility on each flight and allows users to “protect” their fare for a set duration of 3, 7, 14, or 30 days. FLYR will be seeking to bring the benefits to an ever-growing audience of consumers and travel partners. For more information, visit

Dohop nominated in two categories for The 23rd annual World Travel Awards™

Dohop nominated in two categories for The 23rd annual World Travel Awards™


We are nominated in two categories for the 23rd Annual World Travel Awards™ 

World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website

World’s Leading Travel Technology Provider 2016


We been nominated for the World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website for the last four consecutive years, beating out much larger companies to take the win in 2014 and qualify as a runner-up in 2015. Since these nominations, we have significantly improved our functionality and design, to deliver a more intuitive, personalized user experience for our customers.


“Receiving top industry validation for our flight search technology combined with our increased traction in larger travel markets, both with consumers and B2B partners like Yandex, Jetairfly and London Gatwick, makes us very happy,” said David Gunnarsson, Dohop’s CEO.

Our unique flight search engine technology, which finds all available flight connections between any two airports worldwide to deliver more flight schedule and pricing options to customers than any other search engine, has been gaining recognition globally. In addition, our hotel search with over 1 million accommodations in 227 countries, and rental car search with more than 1,600 car rental in 174 countries worldwide, rounds out our comprehensive travel search offering.

Our ability to make it to the Grand Finale event in the Maldives in December is largely dependent on you, our voting audience. Voting for the World and Travel Technology nominees is now open and will conclude on the Monday, 24th October. Votes are cast by travel professionals and consumers, with a vote cast by qualifying travel professionals carrying a weight of two votes.

To vote for Dohop, please visit

The red-carpet World Travel Awards Grand Final 2016 – travel and tourism’s elite event of the year – will take place on the 2nd of December 2016 at the Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort in the Maldives.


About the World Travel Awards

World Travel Awards was founded in 1993 to recognize, acknowledge and reward excellence in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry worldwide. Now celebrating our 23rd anniversary, World Travel Awards™ is recognized globally as the hallmark of quality, with winners setting the benchmark to which all others aspire.

For more information and to vote, please visit

Iceland wants to go anywhere but France

Iceland wants to go anywhere but France

In June, Dohop saw over 94,000 unique visitors within Iceland searching for flights, hotels and rental cars. Most of those visitors were looking for ways to get to France, more specifically the Euro2016 games. According to the latest census, the population of Iceland is 331, 778 people. Basically, one could conclude that nearly 1/3 of the residents of Iceland had Football Fever last month.


Adieu, France. Iceland moves on to Spain.

But as July shows us, there’s more to Europe (and the world) than the European Championships (a heart felt congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo and team Portugal). Now that the Euro2016 games are behind us, residents of Iceland have quickly returned to normal travel patterns, with Spain– one of the most popular holiday destinations for Icelanders– predictably leading as the top getaway spot (but we still love you, France! Happy upcoming Bastille Day!).

iceland_dohop_popular_KEF July

Dohop Go. Anywhere. Simple.

If you visit Dohop Go you’ll find there are over 75 destinations with flight fares from Keflavik for under 40.000 ISK between now and December 2016; and over 20 destinations for under 30.000 ISK this summer alone (including Paris!). So whether you are looking for the best priced destinations in the UK, Europe, the US or really anywhere, now is a good time to book your trip. Dohop Go can help you decide!

Not in Iceland?

No worries! Dohop Go can also show you the best priced destinations from your home airport.

Dohop Flights App 3.0 for Android and iOS

Want to compare and book flights on the move? Join the thousands of travelers relying on the Dohop Flights app to find and book flights for their business, holiday and vacation needs.

We just released version 3.0 of our popular Dohop Flights app for Android and iOS. In the new version, you’ll find a great new design, the ability to see your recent searches and a few bug fixes that make the app easy to navigate.



appstore_360  playStore



How to get to Paris for Euro2016

How to get to Paris for Euro2016


Get to Paris from Anywhere for Euro2016

After Iceland’s epic win over England last night, Icelanders from around the world (and newly acquired Team Iceland fans) are using Dohop to get to Paris for the July 3 match against hosting team France.

Over 71,000 Team Iceland Fans Dohop to France

Over 71,000 Team Iceland fans hit the Dohop travel search engine during and immediately after the 2-1 Iceland vs. England match last night.

Best connecting cities

Other than the obvious routes (i.e. direct to Paris from your home airport), crafty fans are looking beyond Paris, using trains, planes and automobiles to get to the game on time.

London, Brussels and Luxembourg City are great alternate airport cities to consider, since all connect to Paris (or at least France) by train or car.

Book flight

Dohop Car rentals

If you want flexibility, hiring a rental car is one of the best options (ROAD TRIP!!!!) for getting to the match. Like Dohop’s flight search engine, our rental car engine is loaded with the best and cheapest car rental options available.

Book rental car

Where to stay in Paris

So, now that you have your flight and your ground transport, where are you going to stay?

Dohop Hotels shows you the best hotel options at the best prices, from the cheapest hotels available to the best options to meet your need. You can spend more time prepping for the game, instead of worrying about where to rest your head after your team’s certain victory.

Book hotel


Dohop is so proud to have helped thousands of fans, from Iceland and around the world, get to the European Championships (#Euro2016) this month.

Flights to France Travel Searches Triple

Flights to France Travel Searches Triple

Flights to France Searches on Dohop Triple after Iceland-Portugal Match 

The number of searches on Dohop for flights to France tripled immediately following Iceland’s draw against Portugal at the European Championships on Tuesday in Saint-Étienne, inspiring predominantly Icelandic but also global interest in going to France.

This can be clearly seen in the following graphs, which show both minute-by-minute visits to Dohop and in a country comparison chart showing the most searched destinations.

Web traffic jumps immediately after the whistle at Iceland-Portugal Match

A clear jump in web traffic can be seen as soon as the Iceland – Portugal European Championships game ended. Visits by Icelanders on Dohop had been dropping right before the game– Icelanders not in France were gathered in droves at key city and town centers where large screen TVs had been set up. But as the game progressed, searches began picking up, particularly during half-time. The most remarkable jump however was when the whistle blew and the game ended in a 1-1 draw (clearly seen on the right side of the graph), earning Iceland its first point ever in the European Championships.

It also marked a historical moment for Dohop– the single biggest jump between hours in our travel search engine’s history.


The amount of visits at the peak (9:20pm) is also the highest number of concurrent sessions on Dohop in the last several weeks.

Searches for flights to France tripled

We compared top searches on Dohop made on Wednesday, the day after the draw match between Iceland and Portugal, to searches made on the previous Wednesday. The results show France as the uncontested champion.

It is clear from this data that more Icelanders (than the 8-10% already reportedly in France) want to see the two remaining scheduled matches. It will be interesting to monitor the activity following Saturday’s Game 2 against Hungary. 

The 10 Cities Most Norwegians Want to Visit This Year

The 10 Cities Most Norwegians Want to Visit This Year

More and more Norwegians are using to find and book flights. We took a look at the data and saw where most of them are looking for flights to.

These results are based on nearly 100,000 flight searches made so far in 2016, all from various cities in Norway.

Oslo was the single city most Norwegians searched for flights to, by far. But to make this post more interesting we excluded it from this list. Just keep in mind that most Norwegians like visiting their capital city.

Spain is a very popular destination this year and has four of ten cities on the list. No other country appears more than once.

The first city on the list outside of Europe is Bangkok, which is the 12th most popular city and then New York City in 14th place.

Of the top 40 cities, only 5 are outside of Europe. In addition to Bangkok and New York these are Orlando, Los Angeles and Cochin in India.

The 10 cities most Norwegians want to visit 2016

10. Tenerife


9. Malaga

8. Berlin


7. Paris


6. Milan

5. Barcelona


4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam Herbst

3. Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

2. London

London Thames Sunset

1. Alicante


Here is an infographic showing the relative popularity of the cities on the list.

See where you can go

And since so many of you are searching for flights to these cities, that means Dohop Go! should be full of cheap flight prices to them. Just take a look and see.

We just released a brand new version of Dohop Go! and hope you find something new and exciting.


Introducing: the new Dohop

Introducing: the new Dohop

Today is a great day in Dohop’s history. Today we put the fun back into travel search.

Dohop has evolved quite a bit since we started back in 2005, with a modest flight search engine that, when launched, searched through just the few low-cost airlines of Europe for cheap flights. Today we search through all airlines the world over, including many new players in the low-cost airline space.

Today we introduce our new brand.


About The New Brand

The new brand design is a quite a jump from our old one.

It is the second major rebranding of Dohop and it encompasses the deep philosophy we are embracing as we move forward; travel is supposed to be fun.

The logo, while quite playful, also tells the story of what Dohop is for. From searching for a flight, to packing and traveling until, last but not least, you arrive at your destination.

The radical logo and color pallette along with the new iconography was created by Swedish design firm Bedow, and the colors and boldness have been integrated into the redesign of the whole Dohop online experience.

The new Dohop frontpage

Dohop flight search

We added a lot of bold color but kept the focus on the only thing that really matters; the user’s ability to search for a flight.

Go ahead. Give it a try.

A New Version of Dohop Go!

Dohop Go! has been a favorite of our users for a long time. In our experience you either love Dohop Go, or you haven’t seen it.

Dohop Go! lets you see a lot of prices for flights from a single airport, in case you know when you want to travel but are open to where you go.

The prices come from our cache, the place the prices go when anyone makes a search on Dohop. We take the departure and destination info and the price and add it to Dohop Go! so others can see what is available.

Dohop Go!


Dohop Expanding Wings to Dubai, The Global Capital of Airline Innovation

Dohop Expanding Wings to Dubai, The Global Capital of Airline Innovation


Iceland-based Dohop have announced a strategic partnership with BizGate, a specialist marketing consultancy based in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates is reinforcing its status as a global hub for the aviation industry. Top international flight providers, as well as trade partners, have already established a presence in Dubai. Now the country is spreading its wings again, building links with the world’s leading flight comparison website*, Dohop.

David Gunnarsson, Dohop CEO said “We are very excited to have a growth partner in Dubai through BizGate. The regional contacts and market understanding should help us connect with our partners from airlines and online travel agencies, and in developing our localised website in Arabic.”

The World Travel Award winner* Dohop is the only flight metasearch site offering  Self-Connect smart search technology. This enables users to shop for the cheapest flights with the added option of manual check-in at interchange points. For travellers visiting and flying via Dubai, this could make a huge difference to their costs, and more price options will enable more people to connect with the area.

“With growing demand for flights from our region, Dohop is a must to visit before booking any flight. Flight shopping is made simple and easy with clear, comparable results,” says Mohamad Masri, Director of BizGate. “

UAE airports handled more than 100 million passengers in 2015. Additional expansion to airports infrastructure in Abu Dhabi and Dubai should increase capacity further.   

*World Travel Awards 2014

About Dohop

Dohop is an award-winning flight comparison website that also allows users to search for hotels and rental cars. It was founded in 2004 and went live in 2005. Dohop searches prices from hundreds of airlines and online travel agencies to find users the lowest possible price, using the site’s unique Self-Connect feature.

About BizGate:

BizGate is a specialised tourism and leisure marketing and consultancy agency based in Dubai. With a wealth of experience and solid track record of building brands and developing supportive distribution channels, BizGate has established strong networks across the Gulf region and the Middle East.


Contact:             Mohamad Masri

+971 4 2981775


USA Today’s 10Best Readers Select The Best in Budget Travel

USA Today’s 10Best Readers Select The Best in Budget Travel

The readers of USA Today’s 10Best travel site voted Dohop their favorite app or website for worldwide budget travel!

Dohop best App / Website for transportation

In the category Best App/Website for Transportation, the readers selected cheap-flight website was voted the best App/Website for Booking Your Stay. Runners up in the first category included car-rental company SIXT and parking start-up SpotHero. In the second category the runners up were TripAdvisor and Roomer.

Dohop and HomeExchange were nominated along with 19 other travel companies in their categories and each won the category by popular vote.

The winners’ announcement can be read on USA Today’s 10Best page, along with winners in a number of other categories.