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How prices on flights from Iceland will change in the next months

How prices on flights from Iceland will change in the next months

Do you want to know the cheapest time to travel in the coming months?

We constantly monitor flight price trends here at Dohop. In analyzing how prices evolved in 2015 and the pattern thus far in 2016, we can estimate that its likely we’ll see a drop in flight prices in the next months.

Even though the prices on flights from Iceland right now are 17% lower than in previous years (more competition perhaps?), we expect them to drop even further.

The green line in the graph below shows how prices were in 2015 and the red line shows monthly average prices so far in 2016

You can see, for instance, how much cheaper flights are now than they were at the same time last year.

The gray line represents our prediction for the rest of 2016.

There is less of an increase in flight prices this summer because we have not seen as much of an increase in flight prices to the U.S. as we saw last year.

The good news, of course, is that as low as prices are right now, we expect an even further drop as the year progresses into autumn, which is a great time to travel.

Dohop Expanding Wings to Dubai, The Global Capital of Airline Innovation

Dohop Expanding Wings to Dubai, The Global Capital of Airline Innovation


Iceland-based Dohop have announced a strategic partnership with BizGate, a specialist marketing consultancy based in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates is reinforcing its status as a global hub for the aviation industry. Top international flight providers, as well as trade partners, have already established a presence in Dubai. Now the country is spreading its wings again, building links with the world’s leading flight comparison website*, Dohop.

David Gunnarsson, Dohop CEO said “We are very excited to have a growth partner in Dubai through BizGate. The regional contacts and market understanding should help us connect with our partners from airlines and online travel agencies, and in developing our localised website in Arabic.”

The World Travel Award winner* Dohop is the only flight metasearch site offering  Self-Connect smart search technology. This enables users to shop for the cheapest flights with the added option of manual check-in at interchange points. For travellers visiting and flying via Dubai, this could make a huge difference to their costs, and more price options will enable more people to connect with the area.

“With growing demand for flights from our region, Dohop is a must to visit before booking any flight. Flight shopping is made simple and easy with clear, comparable results,” says Mohamad Masri, Director of BizGate. “

UAE airports handled more than 100 million passengers in 2015. Additional expansion to airports infrastructure in Abu Dhabi and Dubai should increase capacity further.   

*World Travel Awards 2014

About Dohop

Dohop is an award-winning flight comparison website that also allows users to search for hotels and rental cars. It was founded in 2004 and went live in 2005. Dohop searches prices from hundreds of airlines and online travel agencies to find users the lowest possible price, using the site’s unique Self-Connect feature.

About BizGate:

BizGate is a specialised tourism and leisure marketing and consultancy agency based in Dubai. With a wealth of experience and solid track record of building brands and developing supportive distribution channels, BizGate has established strong networks across the Gulf region and the Middle East.


Contact:             Mohamad Masri

+971 4 2981775


World Tourism

5 Charts That Show the Surprising Growth of World Tourism

Your favorite place in the world is about to get really crowded. 

The following charts show just how much global tourism impacts the world economy and, more surprising, just how much it is set to grow.

What surprises us most about these projections, especially the first one, is just how much tourism is expected to grow in Europe, and the expected explosion in visits to countries in Asia.

Another interesting thing to note is just how little visits to the Americas are expected to grow.


1. Projected Internation Tourist Arrivals

Global World Tourism Growth

The 6 Most Common Mistakes You Make When Booking Flights

The 6 Most Common Mistakes You Make When Booking Flights

When you are booking a flight, do you ever worry that you are doing something wrong?

We asked one of our vendors, Flight Network, what mistakes made by customers they dealt with most often. Here’s what they said.

1. Contacting the Wrong Company

Often times when people book with sites like Dohop, travelers are unaware that they have actually made their flight booking on another site, like Flight Network.

This is not a huge mistake but can simply waste time when a customer is trying to resolve something about their booking and decide to contact a meta-search travel site (like Dohop) instead of the company they actually booked with.

2. Entering Incorrect Names

USA Today’s 10Best Readers Select The Best in Budget Travel

USA Today’s 10Best Readers Select The Best in Budget Travel

The readers of USA Today’s 10Best travel site voted Dohop their favorite app or website for worldwide budget travel!

Dohop best App / Website for transportation

In the category Best App/Website for Transportation, the readers selected cheap-flight website was voted the best App/Website for Booking Your Stay. Runners up in the first category included car-rental company SIXT and parking start-up SpotHero. In the second category the runners up were TripAdvisor and Roomer.

Dohop and HomeExchange were nominated along with 19 other travel companies in their categories and each won the category by popular vote.

The winners’ announcement can be read on USA Today’s 10Best page, along with winners in a number of other categories.

GatwickConnects booking page

Dohop and Gatwick launch GatwickConnects

Dohop and London Gatwick have launched a new and unique booking service, GatwickConnects, which enables flights from separate airlines connection through Gatwick to be booked in a single transaction. Gatwick offers a guarantee of service if flights don’t operate as planned.

GatwickConnects booking page

Previously, connected flights between the participating airlines would have to be booked separately and included the risk of travelers having to buy new flights if the first was delayed. GatwickConnects joins the tickets into a single booking and removes this risk by protecting the connection for the passengers.

Dohop Nominated for World Travel Awards

Dohop Nominated for World Travel Awards

Dohop has been nominated for the World Travel Awards for the third time in a row in the category of “World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website”. We actually won this award in 2014 and hopefully we can make it two years in a row. I guarantee that you are not as impressed as we are. Considering who we’re up against, this nomination is indeed impressive. We wrote about all the nominees in a different post, but to name a few, the giants are undoubtedly Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, and Hipmunk.

To get a better idea of what kind of companies we are up against, let’s take a look at Kayak. Almost 2 years ago, they were acquired by and were given a valuation of $1.8 billion. They are ranked 163rd largest website in the USA and are in the top 500 worldwide. Their marketing budget is many times the valuation of Dohop and they employ 10x more people. So, it’s safe to say that Kayak’s fire power is significantly bigger than Dohop’s. Looking at Skyscanner, Momondo, and Hipmunk will tell a similar story.

These Are The 5 Things About Flying That Annoy You The Most

These Are The 5 Things About Flying That Annoy You The Most



Don’t you hate how cramped airline seats are these days?

You are not alone. In a survey conducted by Tripadvisor, people answered questions about air travel. More specifically, they answered questions about what they disliked most about air travel. What would you think was the number one complaint?

1. The Uncomfortable Seats

Graph – This Is How Fast Mobile Is Growing in Travel

Graph – This Is How Fast Mobile Is Growing in Travel

Have you used your phone to search for and book a flight? How about a last minute hotel?

Mobile is growing fast. In fact, chances are that you are reading this on your phone. (So far in June, 51% of visitors to this blog have been using their mobile phones.)

Mobile growth in travel

The following graph shows how the devices you are using to search for flights on Dohop has been changing, and changing quickly, in the last three years. This does not take into account the people who are using our app to find flights.

4 Reasons New Dohop Will Make You Happy

The new version of Dohop is live.


So, how are we making your flight-finding easier? Let us count the ways.

1. Faster results

Results show up with supersonic speed. We stripped our algorithms, upgraded the server temporals and re-adjusted the flux capacitors and now we present prices with eye-stunning speed.

2. Easier on the eyes

We made all the elements that matter (price, flight information and the buttons) easier to see and read.

3. Prettier on your iPad

If you are on an iPad, the new design will scrunch up to fit the screen. Same if you are using a phone to search for flights. The design gurus call it “responsive design”, we just hope that it means that searching for flights doesn’t mean that you have to be on the computer at home.

4. Smarter with your money

Wouldn’t you want to know if flying out a day early could save you money? Well, we do that now. If we know about a cheaper flight around the days you searched for, we’ll let you know with a little blue bar at the top of the results.


Now, go try it out for yourself. Go ahead. Look for a flight to that city you always wanted to visit. New Dohop.