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Are These the 5 Most Amazing Beach Resorts in the World?

Are These the 5 Most Amazing Beach Resorts in the World?

Do you ever dream about spending a stress-free weekend in an amazing beachfront villa hotel?

Us too (nonstop every day all day).

We were looking over the categories at this year’s World Travel Awards and there was a category that caught our eye: The World’s Leading Hotel Beach Villas (so many words to love in a single category name).

These are hotels that just happen to be by the beach in exotic locations, where the emphasis is on making the guest as relaxed as possible.

Just take a look at these nominees, the Top 5 Beach Resorts in the World.

1. Beach Villa @ Sofitel Dubai the Palm Resort & Spa




All the accommodations at Sofitel overlook the sea, the palm or the resort. Each one offers a flat-screen TV, a minibar, coffee and tea amenities, a wardrobe and a Bose station. The suites and the apartments include a living room complete with a dining area and en-suite bathrooms that offer Lanvin or Hermes amenities.”


Amenities include: 

Restaurants offering various cuisines, from French to Asian and Italian delicacies. Porter House offers succulent steaks and grills while Maui Beach serves cocktails by the beachside.

The Spa at the Sofitel offers 28 treatments rooms, seawater pool, sauna and French beauty treatments including massages and deep relaxation rooms. There is also a high-tech gym equipped with the state-of-the-art cardio machines.

For adventurous activities, guests have access to a boat jetty and 2 tennis courts.

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2. Beachfront Villas @ One&Only The Palm, Dubai




The One&Only features spacious rooms, suites and villas that are either situated within the hotel’s Manor House or in private Beach Villas. The rooms and suites overlook the main pool and the palm-shaded terraces. The Beach Villas offer direct beach access and personalized service.


Amenities include:

A choice of 3 restaurants, which includes the over-water Marina Restaurant, Bar & Lounge. Guests can also venture out by water taxi to the One&Only Royal Mirage to have dinner at any of its 7 restaurants.

Activities include golfing, water sports and excursions.

The resort’s One&Only Spa is set amidst outdoor gardens and features its own pool and 8 private treatment suites.

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3. Beachfront Villas @ Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman


“Set between the mountains and a 1.6-kilometre private beach on Zighy Bay, this village-style resort offers luxury villas with private pools and a comprehensive spa and wellness center including Moroccan hammams.”


Amenities include:

A restaurant serving modern gourmet cuisine, Sense on the Edge, is located 293 m above the sea level, presenting panoramic views over the Gulf of Oman.

Six Senses Zighy Bay features extra large villas in traditional Omani style, with flat-screen TVs, home theatre systems and poolside dining areas.

Some villas have a wine cellar, and private massage rooms.

Private. Massage. Rooms.

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4. Sugar Beach Luxury Villas @ Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, St. Lucia



“Located in beautiful grounds overlooking Pitons Bay, Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort offers luxurious accommodation with views of the surrounding valley. Set on Sugar Beach, it features a spa, outdoor pool and 3 restaurants.”


Amenities include:

Villas with private plunge pools or swimming pools. All accommodation have a flat-screen TV, an iPod docking station, a coffee maker and a fridge. All rooms come with complimentary Piton beer, soda and water.

The on-site spa is set amongst the plantation’s lush gardens and next to a stream. It features a hot tub and a Temazcal outdoor sauna.

Treatments include wraps, massage and facials.

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5. Villas @ Six Senses Con Dao, Vietnam


“Set on the untouched island paradise of Con Dao, about 230 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Six Senses features luxurious villas with private infinity pools and unobstructed views of the sea. It boasts a private beachfront, day spa and fitness facilities.”


Amenities include:

Guests of the resort can enjoy butler service from their rooms at their convenience. Free WiFi, of course.

Lazy afternoons can be spent in the library lounge or diving in the sparkling ocean or pool waters.

Guests have the choice of eating in the Six Senses restaurant, private beach area or in the comfort of their own villas.

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And of course, all these hotels are bookable on Dohop’s hotel search 😉

3 Tricks to Make Sure You Never Pay Too Much For a Hotel Again

3 Tricks to Make Sure You Never Pay Too Much For a Hotel Again

Have you ever paid too much for a hotel?

Perhaps you booked a hotel that looked great but when you arrived the pool was dirty, the food was no good and the room itself much, much smaller than you thought.

On Dohop’s hotel page you can find over a million hotels and properties worldwide. The thing is, it can be hard to know when you are getting a good deal on a hotel, right?

Here are three “tricks” to ensure that you are getting the most for your money on Dohop.

1. Watch for Value Deals

example of value deal hotel on Dohop

When a hotel combines a few things; good photos, great ratings from guests and is available for a rate lower than other comparable hotels, they are marked with a “Value Deal” icon. Sometimes, they are also having a discount sale, as in the example above.

These deals are generally only on hotels that are already well worth a stay, and we just feel a reason to call them out especially.

You should not be disappointed with a booking at a Value Deal hotel, both in regards to the hotel and the price of the booking.

2. Jump on Quick Discounts

Example of a discount hotel in Boston

When hotels in the city you are traveling to have discounts, they are clearly marked in the top left corner of the hotel result.

These are generally around 20% – 35% but occasionally they go up to 60% and above (as shown). These are temporary discounts as the hotel will only have a few rooms at the discounted price, so it makes sense to book this if you are searching with purpose.

Also, you can always cancel without paying anything if you do so with more than 7 days’ advance.

3 Look for Countdown Deals of the Day

Example of Dohop countdown hotel deal

Sometimes, a deal on a hotel is so exceptional we will highlight it at the top of your results. These are only available for a few hours, though, so you should make your mind up quickly.

So if you see one of these Deals of the Day, book that hotel, book it now.

Good to remember:

  • Most of the time you can cancel a hotel booking made on Dohop without paying anything, if you do so more than 7 days in advance of your intended arrival.
  • Make sure to read the guest reviews for the hotel you like. They can tell you a lot about the hotel.
  • Check out the photos. Each hotel in the Dohop hotel search has photographs of the rooms, the restaurants and nearby sights.
Hotel room

Dohop’s 2015 Hotel Report (Infographic)

Travelers (you) made thousands of hotel bookings on Dohop’s hotel search in 2015. Among the things our data lets us see are when the booking is made, the specific hotel, and the length of the stay.

The data shows a high proportion of single-night hotel bookings, many of them on short notice. Also clear is that most people do still play it safe; the average hotel booking is made 6 weeks in advance.

The infographic below highlights our findings.

Although Copenhagen is the most popular single city, the U.K. is the most popular country, followed by Spain and the U.S.A. Almost 15% of all hotels booked on Dohop in 2015 were in the U.K.

When hotels booked by airports in London are taken into account (not just hotels booked in London proper) it jumps into first place above Copenhagen.

Short hotel stays
The city where most people spend just a single night is Copenhagen, most likely for people transferring for flights the following day.

There is a trend, however, for single-night short term bookings (perhaps being made on mobile phones in bars, standing next to a person of the opposite sex while smiling awkwardly). A full 12.7% of all bookings made are short-notice single-night bookings.

The most popular hotel booked in 2015, the citizenM at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, only has single-night bookings in our system. After all, no one wants to stay at Charles de Gaulle longer than they have to. (A survey we conducted in 2013 ranked it our users’ least favorite airport).

We suspect that following the increase in popularity of sites like Airbnb for longer stays, hotels will see more short-term bookings

The Oddness of Bangkok

Bangkok is an oddity; the cities most people search for flights to and the cities most people book hotels in are pretty close when the lists are compared.

Bangkok, however, while being the city most people searched for flights to on Dohop is 2015, is only the 57th most popular city for hotels booked, just above Malmö in Sweden.

As it turns out, people traveling to Thailand are flying to Bangkok but booking hotels in other cities, Pattaya being the most popular, or using homestay services like Airbnb to book accommodation.

Booking and canceling

Looking at the data, one of the things that stood out was the high ratio of cancelled hotels; a full one out of every five booked hotels was later cancelled. While we feel this is rather high, we also understand that it is actually lower than’s average.

Russians are the most indecisive lot, with about 75% of hotels booked by Russians later being cancelled.

Brits and Norwegians, on the other hand, are more decisive. Just about one out of ten Brits cancel their hotels (11.81%) and one out of eight Norwegians (12.61%).

We saw a noticeable tendency towards canceling hotels booked in Italy and Spain for some reason, with Milan, Rome, Benidorm, Barcelona and Tenerife all having high cancellation ratios.

Among the chains, Radisson was the most booked in our system this year, followed by hotels in the Best Western chain, The Holiday Inn, Hilton and Marriott.

World Tourism

5 Charts That Show the Surprising Growth of World Tourism

Your favorite place in the world is about to get really crowded. 

The following charts show just how much global tourism impacts the world economy and, more surprising, just how much it is set to grow.

What surprises us most about these projections, especially the first one, is just how much tourism is expected to grow in Europe, and the expected explosion in visits to countries in Asia.

Another interesting thing to note is just how little visits to the Americas are expected to grow.


1. Projected Internation Tourist Arrivals

Global World Tourism Growth

The Wynn and Encore hotels in Las Vegas

The World’s 10 Biggest Hotels

Everyone, it seems, wants to build the world’s biggest hotel.

Moscow, Las Vegas and Malaysia have exchanged the title as hotels got bigger and new hotels were built, each trying to one-up the other.

But what are the biggest hotels in the world today?

1. First World Hotel, Malaysia

The First World Hotel in Malaysia is made up of two separate buildings; there are 24 floors in Tower 1 and 28 floors in Tower 2.

Hotel sign

What Cities’ Hotels Are Most Booked This Summer?

Do you ever feel like you always miss the best hotel deals? Like no matter how early you start planning, it always seems like hotels are more expensive now than last year? Now, you can see wether you are looking for a hotel in a city that is just plain booked-up.

We took a look at some of the most popular destinations this summer and wanted to know how booked the hotels were. It is always a good idea to book the hotel well in advance. Once more than 40% of a city’s hotel rooms are booked the prices tend to go up.

When searching for a hotel on Dohop, the site will notify users if many of the hotels are already booked for the period in question.

8 Tips for Nervous Flyers and an Airplane-Hotel

8 Tips for Nervous Flyers and an Airplane-Hotel

Here are some of the best travel posts of the last few days, hand-selected for you. A hotel that’s an airplane, the quite surprising truth about airline miles, great tips for those who are afraid of flying and a great photo on Instagram.

Brooke from World of Wanderlust has 8 Great Tips For Nervous Flyers


  • Make yourself known to the airhostesses – they’re really helpful and friendly towards nervous fliers, they’ll even sit with you during take off and landing if it helps calm the nerves!

Read all 8 of her tips for nervous flyers here.

Want to sleep in an airplane that’s been turned into a hotel? Here’s your chance.


Sleeping on a plane is one thing, but sleeping in a plane is something altogether cooler. Rather than drooling all over the guy next to you in coach and waking up when the flight attendant kneecaps you with the beverage cart, you can actually shack up inside an airliner, thanks to a joint venture between KLM and Airbnb.

Read the complete article on Thrillist Travel.

The surprising truth about airline milesaircraft-airplane-flying-2105-828x550


From Jonah Berger’s book Contagious we learn the following about airline miles:

Today, more than 180 million people accumulate frequent flier miles when they travel. These programs have motivated millions of people to pledge their loyalty to a single airline and stop over in random cities or fly at inopportune times just to ensure that they accrue miles on their desired carrier.

We all know that miles can be redeemed for free travel, hotel stays, and other perks. Still, most people never cash in the miles they accumulate. In fact, less than 10 percent of all miles are redeemed every year. Experts estimate that as many as 10 trillion frequent flyer miles are sitting in accounts, unused. Enough to travel to the moon and back 19.4 million times. That’s a lot of miles. 


And here is our favorite Instagram photo of the week, incidentally taken by Brooke of World of Wanderlust.

Then one day it stopped being a question of ‘what next?’ And started being a question of ‘where next?’ ??????

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