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Dohop nominated in two categories for The 23rd annual World Travel Awards™

Dohop nominated in two categories for The 23rd annual World Travel Awards™


We are nominated in two categories for the 23rd Annual World Travel Awards™ 

World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website

World’s Leading Travel Technology Provider 2016


We been nominated for the World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website for the last four consecutive years, beating out much larger companies to take the win in 2014 and qualify as a runner-up in 2015. Since these nominations, we have significantly improved our functionality and design, to deliver a more intuitive, personalized user experience for our customers.


“Receiving top industry validation for our flight search technology combined with our increased traction in larger travel markets, both with consumers and B2B partners like Yandex, Jetairfly and London Gatwick, makes us very happy,” said David Gunnarsson, Dohop’s CEO.

Our unique flight search engine technology, which finds all available flight connections between any two airports worldwide to deliver more flight schedule and pricing options to customers than any other search engine, has been gaining recognition globally. In addition, our hotel search with over 1 million accommodations in 227 countries, and rental car search with more than 1,600 car rental in 174 countries worldwide, rounds out our comprehensive travel search offering.

Our ability to make it to the Grand Finale event in the Maldives in December is largely dependent on you, our voting audience. Voting for the World and Travel Technology nominees is now open and will conclude on the Monday, 24th October. Votes are cast by travel professionals and consumers, with a vote cast by qualifying travel professionals carrying a weight of two votes.

To vote for Dohop, please visit

The red-carpet World Travel Awards Grand Final 2016 – travel and tourism’s elite event of the year – will take place on the 2nd of December 2016 at the Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort in the Maldives.


About the World Travel Awards

World Travel Awards was founded in 1993 to recognize, acknowledge and reward excellence in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry worldwide. Now celebrating our 23rd anniversary, World Travel Awards™ is recognized globally as the hallmark of quality, with winners setting the benchmark to which all others aspire.

For more information and to vote, please visit

What to do in Iceland. Dohop Staff picks.

What to do in Iceland. Dohop Staff picks.

Iceland: Dohop Staff favorites   

We love Iceland. It’s where Dohop’s travel search engine was created, where we have our headquarters and it’s also a rich resource for our love of outdoor adventure.

We thought it would be fun to share with you some of our favorite landmarks and attractions in Iceland among the Dohop staffers. Dohop takes pride in helping you find the best price on your flight, hotel and rental car. So, we thought we could also help by showing you some of the best spots to explore in Iceland, whether you are a true adventurer or prefer city life.


Team Dohop on a hike in Iceland in July 2016

South Iceland 

  1. Glymur –  is the highest waterfall in Iceland. It’s amazing and makes for a great hike when the weather is clear. It’s only an hour drive from Reykjavík and a convenient stop during a South Iceland road trip.
  2. Hella – is named for the caves along the Ytri-Rangá river, it’s rural, pretty and home to some of the best skydiving in Iceland. The town has a quiet small-town vibe and was the location for the first novel of the same name by renowned author Hallgrímur Helgason.
  3. Háifoss – is not far from the soon-to-erupt Hekla volcano and is the second highest waterfall in Iceland. Its gorgeous views are other-worldly. It’s best explored using a 4×4 car and in summer.
  4. Vestmanneyjar –  even sailing to this beautiful island is a memorable experience. Adults and kids love it there for its swimming pool, sailing, golf and baby puffins! There’s also a very interesting museum about the volcanic eruption in Heimaey.
  5. Þórsmörk –  the mountain ridge between Tindfjallajökull and Eyjafjallajökull is a top destination for hikers, with many different trails varying in difficulty, within reach of many other impressive camping and hiking locations and excursions such as Landmannalaugar and Stakkholtsgjá.
  6. Paradísarhellir and Seljalandsfoss – the cave was an infamous hideout for forbidden lovers (who actually had a house and 8 children together). In order to enter the cave, you must climb a chain hand over hand, which makes it quite a fun location to visit.
  7. Seljavallalaug the “Old Pool” is close to Eyjafjallajökull and is a treasured landmark, as it’s one of the oldest pools in Iceland. After the 2010 eruption, volunteers used backhoes and elbow grease to remove ash and restore the pool to a useable state. It’s a nice pit stop on your way to Sólheimasandur and Vík.
  8. Skaftafell – the dramatic landscape is awe-inspiring and diverse, with huge mountains, glaciers, forest, desert and is a short distance from the glacial lagoons. It offers challenging mountaineering routes, short and long hiking trails and a very good camp site. Not far away, is Iceland’s best climbing area.
  9. Fjallsárlón – the glacial lagoons are some of the most breathtaking natural wonders in Iceland. You can hike to this smaller and less crowded lagoon while taking in its spectacular mountainous backdrop.
  10. Jökulsárlón – the most famous of the Iceland glacial lagoons, it’s as surreal as it is majestic. You can spend hours there taking pictures from different vantage points, walking alongside the lagoon. You can watch icebergs tipping over and floating out to sea with seals swimming around them. Then, cross the Ring Road to explore a spectacular natural exhibition of crystal clear ice sculptures along the black sand beach.

North Iceland

  1. Dalvík – is a quiet town with a kid-friendly “beach.” You can catch fish at the pier and go to a museum of Jóhann the giant, all in the same day, with no stress involved. If timed right, you can enjoy The Great Fish Day or Fiskidagurinn mikli happening annually (4-7 August 2016).
  2. Hvítserkur and Borgarvirki in Vatnsnes – both are amazing natural rock formations, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, one in the sea and the other high above rural farmland with a commanding view over the plains.
  3. Ásbyrgi Canyon – it’s said to have been created by a hoof from Sleipnir, Oðin’s 8 legged horse. It’s a beautiful area, with plenty of camping, lots of walking and unusually for Iceland, plenty of trees.

West Iceland

Team Dohop enjoying the many bike and hiking trails across Iceland.

Team Dohop enjoying the many bike and hiking trails across Iceland.

  1. Reykjavik is all about visuals, design, creativity, great shops, great fashion and people watching. Merely sitting on a terrace and observing the people walking by can do more in terms of inspiration than any fashion magazine. Visits to the numerous museums and specialty shops or weekend strolls through downtown are a must. Keep an eye out for concerts, DJ sets and random dance parties, as nightlife in Reykjavik is an experience like no other. Then, enjoy a slow-paced day at one of the many great coffee shops – Eymundsson and Reykjavik Roasters being staff favourites.  Or, visit one of the many pools throughout the city (we recommend Laugardalslaug and Seltjarnarnes) to refresh. Whether it’s sunny or not, indoors or outdoors, you’ll always be warm and cozy in these geothermal heated pools.
  2. Vatnshellir – this relatively new (to the public) lava cave is located in Snæfellsjökull national park. It’s the closest you’ll get to experiencing Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth.  
  3. Breiðavík and the West Fjords – its isolated and expansive yellow sand beach is framed by daunting fjords on either side. A short distance away you’ll find Látrabjarg, a cliff of cliffs and home to variety of cliff-dwelling birds including puffins. There are many small towns along the journey to Breiðavík, each with their own special thing.
  4. Arnarvatnsheiði – if you love driving enduro/motor cross bikes or ever wanted to try, here you will find plenty of road tracks on this magnificent Icelandic heath.
  5. Langjökull – is the 2nd largest glacier in Iceland after Vatnajökull. Snowmobile trips with expert guides are a must here. There is also a man-made ice cave adventure called “Into the Glacier” in Langjökull that is worth visiting. In the winter, wondrous northern lights, free of light pollution from the towns and cities, open the vast starry skies above.
  6. Kerlingarfjöll – is similar in landscape to Landmannalaugar but much closer to Reykjavik (only 3 hours drive) and easier to get to. Hike amidst some of the most colorful landscapes. Then, take a dip in Hveravellir pool to sooth your tired legs.


If you are renting a car through Dohop, for your Great Iceland Roadtrip, here’s a great guide for finding gas stations along your journey.

Disclaimer: Iceland is beautiful. Its striking landscapes and sweeping views are intoxicating and awe-inspiring. But it can also be dangerous. Use precaution when exploring the vast mountains and glaciers as the terrain and weather can change before your eyes. Be mindful of the swift and often invisible currents of the rivers and ocean.  It is recommended that those visiting the countryside in Iceland engage an experienced guide.

Iceland wants to go anywhere but France

Iceland wants to go anywhere but France

In June, Dohop saw over 94,000 unique visitors within Iceland searching for flights, hotels and rental cars. Most of those visitors were looking for ways to get to France, more specifically the Euro2016 games. According to the latest census, the population of Iceland is 331, 778 people. Basically, one could conclude that nearly 1/3 of the residents of Iceland had Football Fever last month.


Adieu, France. Iceland moves on to Spain.

But as July shows us, there’s more to Europe (and the world) than the European Championships (a heart felt congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo and team Portugal). Now that the Euro2016 games are behind us, residents of Iceland have quickly returned to normal travel patterns, with Spain– one of the most popular holiday destinations for Icelanders– predictably leading as the top getaway spot (but we still love you, France! Happy upcoming Bastille Day!).

iceland_dohop_popular_KEF July

Dohop Go. Anywhere. Simple.

If you visit Dohop Go you’ll find there are over 75 destinations with flight fares from Keflavik for under 40.000 ISK between now and December 2016; and over 20 destinations for under 30.000 ISK this summer alone (including Paris!). So whether you are looking for the best priced destinations in the UK, Europe, the US or really anywhere, now is a good time to book your trip. Dohop Go can help you decide!

Not in Iceland?

No worries! Dohop Go can also show you the best priced destinations from your home airport.

Dohop Flights App 3.0 for Android and iOS

Want to compare and book flights on the move? Join the thousands of travelers relying on the Dohop Flights app to find and book flights for their business, holiday and vacation needs.

We just released version 3.0 of our popular Dohop Flights app for Android and iOS. In the new version, you’ll find a great new design, the ability to see your recent searches and a few bug fixes that make the app easy to navigate.



appstore_360  playStore



pokemon go dohop travel

Pokémon Go and Next Level Travel

Who didn’t go crazy collecting Pokémon on the new Pokémon GO game this weekend? While the game is officially limited in availability to countries like the US, New Zealand and Australia, it was easy for those in other countries to get in on the action. Plus, if you’re from those regions and happen to be traveling, you can use the app to break the ice and meet new people.

 Pokémon Go for Next Level Travel

pokemon go dohop travelImagine the impact on an international level, where your bucket list trip abroad to, say, see Iceland’s Northern Lights is elevated by grabbing Pokéballs and Pokémon at PokéSpots atop glaciers, inside a volcano or when visiting cool historic landmarks like Thingvellir. NEXT LEVEL TOURISM!

We weren’t kidding about using the app to meet new people while traveling. Communities all over the world are connecting in new ways through the game, forming new teams and using the hunt to inspire new connections (of course, being aware of your surroundings to stay safe is still recommended). Here are some of the coolest Pokémon Go sightings yet

Pokémon Go at Dohop HQ

Since our office is above Reykjavik’s popular comic and gaming shop Nexus, we’re anticipating a few Pokémon Hunter sightings throughout the week.

Pokémon Go travel Dohop headquarters

We’ve already caught Rattata harassing our front end dev team. So who knows what you’d find popping by for a latte.

We’re no strangers to foot traffic here, as in addition to our award-winning travel search engine, <advert> we also offer a (paid) offline service to travelers and would-be travelers looking to get detailed assistance booking their travel plans. </advert>


If you’re at a loss for what the fuss is about, The Guardian has a comprehensive Pokémon GO for the n00bs” guide and Reddit has this handy thread full of tips and tricks.



How to get to Paris for Euro2016

How to get to Paris for Euro2016


Get to Paris from Anywhere for Euro2016

After Iceland’s epic win over England last night, Icelanders from around the world (and newly acquired Team Iceland fans) are using Dohop to get to Paris for the July 3 match against hosting team France.

Over 71,000 Team Iceland Fans Dohop to France

Over 71,000 Team Iceland fans hit the Dohop travel search engine during and immediately after the 2-1 Iceland vs. England match last night.

Best connecting cities

Other than the obvious routes (i.e. direct to Paris from your home airport), crafty fans are looking beyond Paris, using trains, planes and automobiles to get to the game on time.

London, Brussels and Luxembourg City are great alternate airport cities to consider, since all connect to Paris (or at least France) by train or car.

Book flight

Dohop Car rentals

If you want flexibility, hiring a rental car is one of the best options (ROAD TRIP!!!!) for getting to the match. Like Dohop’s flight search engine, our rental car engine is loaded with the best and cheapest car rental options available.

Book rental car

Where to stay in Paris

So, now that you have your flight and your ground transport, where are you going to stay?

Dohop Hotels shows you the best hotel options at the best prices, from the cheapest hotels available to the best options to meet your need. You can spend more time prepping for the game, instead of worrying about where to rest your head after your team’s certain victory.

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Dohop is so proud to have helped thousands of fans, from Iceland and around the world, get to the European Championships (#Euro2016) this month.

Iceland cheers new President and Euro2016

Iceland cheers new President and Euro2016

In Iceland, there is plenty to cheer about


It is an exciting time to be in Iceland! We have near-eternal day light, the countryside is lush and green, summer holidays are under way and over the weekend, our home country elected a new President, Gudni Johannesson. President-elect Johannesson was a well known and respected historian and political commentator before deciding to run for office. Our new First Lady is Canadian-born Eliza Reid, a writer and co-founder of the renowned literary event Iceland Writers Retreat, which is held in Reykjavik every April.

As we’ve mentioned previously, Iceland has only had 5 Presidents since it gained independence from Denmark in 1944. Johannesson will be the 6th President.


One of Gudni’s first official duties as President-elect was to fly to France today to support Team Iceland in the #Euro2016 match against England, a country that has had a bit of an exciting week itself.  Gudni is joined by some 3,000 Icelanders at the eco-friendly Allianz Riviera stadium and another 5,000 across fan zones throughout Europe.

While we at Dohop are cheering for the home team today, we continue to celebrate our customers from all over the world who use our meta search engine every day to research and book their travel– from flights to hotels to car rentals (car hire)– at the best possible prices.


Iceland Dohops to France in great numbers

Iceland’s remarkable win last week against Hungary at the European Championships helped create a historic moment for us too, as a record number of Icelanders used Dohop at the very same time to book their travel (flights, hotels and rental cars) to and within France (except this guy). Like we did during the match against Portugal, we monitored Iceland engagement on our site at various points throughout the game, especially after the first goal. Once the team nailed the final goal that clinched the win against Hungary, traffic literally skyrocketed.

If you’re feeling particularly optimistic about tonight’s outcome, why not go ahead and book your flight to Paris?

10 Facts about Iceland Independence Day

10 Facts about Iceland Independence Day


First, on Iceland Independence Day, let us say Áfram Ísland!! We really look forward to tomorrow’s European Championships match against Hungary at Stade Vélodrome.

This week’s tied (1-1) #Euro2016 match against Portugal showed that Iceland and Icelanders should never be underestimated.

If you look at the history of Iceland, the small nation (note: not small minds, eh em, Cristiano Ronaldo) of 331,667 people (as of 14 June 2016) has achieved many great successes and serves as a model for how a small group of people can accomplish great things when they band together under a common goal (see what we did there).

Iceland Independence Day


Today is Iceland Independence Day, or Þjóðhátíðardagurinn (Thyoth-how-teeth-ar-daggur-inn). It marks the day in 1944, when Iceland successfully gained independence from Danish rule. To celebrate, we’ve pulled together…

10 fun and interesting Iceland Independence facts:

  1. Iceland has the oldest parliament (Alþingi), established in Thingvellir in 930 A.D.
  2. Revisions to the 1918 Act of Union between Iceland and Denmark were postponed due to the war in 1943, thus delaying Iceland’s independence to 1944.
  3. 17 June was chosen as the official day of Independence to honor the birthday of Icelandic cultural icon Jón Sigurðsson, who was a leader of the Icelandic independence movement.
  4. It almost always rains on June 17th.
  5. The 1st President of Iceland, the office which replaced the Danish Monarch, was Sveinn Björnsson.
  6. Iceland has had only 5 Presidents, including Vigdís Finnbogadóttir,the 1st woman to hold the office of the President in Iceland and Europe (1980-1996).
  7. In 2009, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, became Iceland’s first female Prime Minister and the world’s 1st openly Lesbian head of government in the world in 2009.
  8. The Presidential Residence, Bessastaðir, was completed in 1766.
  9. The original settlement period (landnám) took 60 years, growing from 435 to +20,000 inhabitants.
  10. Viking explorers settled in Iceland as farmers. You can tour Þjóðveldisbærinn,
    a re-creation of a typical Commonwealth-era viking village.

Bonus fact: Iceland’s national anthem, which is in part about a delicate flower, is also extremely difficult to sing. It requires the ability to sing in a diverse vocal range that is generally unattainable for the average person. In lieu of this, Icelanders can often be heard singing the “other national anthem” as witnessed during the European Championships earlier this week.

If you happen to be in Reykjavik today, here’s a schedule (dagskrá) of family-friendly happenings for Iceland Independence Day.

Wow Cyclathon

Team Dohop in WOW Cyclothon

Dohop knows all about being small but mighty, as we scale to reach new customers and travel territories across the world. Adopting the Icelandic “can do” attitude is deep within our company culture, too. Like Team Iceland,  Team Dohop took on a great challenge this week, participating in the WOW Cyclothon and raising funds for Hjolakraftur (“Cycling Energy”), which helps children and teens in need gain access to an active and healthy lifestyle.

If seeing this post makes you curious about exploring the small but mighty nation of Iceland, let Dohop help you get the best prices on flights, hotels and rental cars.

Book flight Book hotel  Book rental car

Flights to France Travel Searches Triple

Flights to France Travel Searches Triple

Flights to France Searches on Dohop Triple after Iceland-Portugal Match 

The number of searches on Dohop for flights to France tripled immediately following Iceland’s draw against Portugal at the European Championships on Tuesday in Saint-Étienne, inspiring predominantly Icelandic but also global interest in going to France.

This can be clearly seen in the following graphs, which show both minute-by-minute visits to Dohop and in a country comparison chart showing the most searched destinations.

Web traffic jumps immediately after the whistle at Iceland-Portugal Match

A clear jump in web traffic can be seen as soon as the Iceland – Portugal European Championships game ended. Visits by Icelanders on Dohop had been dropping right before the game– Icelanders not in France were gathered in droves at key city and town centers where large screen TVs had been set up. But as the game progressed, searches began picking up, particularly during half-time. The most remarkable jump however was when the whistle blew and the game ended in a 1-1 draw (clearly seen on the right side of the graph), earning Iceland its first point ever in the European Championships.

It also marked a historical moment for Dohop– the single biggest jump between hours in our travel search engine’s history.


The amount of visits at the peak (9:20pm) is also the highest number of concurrent sessions on Dohop in the last several weeks.

Searches for flights to France tripled

We compared top searches on Dohop made on Wednesday, the day after the draw match between Iceland and Portugal, to searches made on the previous Wednesday. The results show France as the uncontested champion.

It is clear from this data that more Icelanders (than the 8-10% already reportedly in France) want to see the two remaining scheduled matches. It will be interesting to monitor the activity following Saturday’s Game 2 against Hungary. 

Icelanders Dohop to European Championships

Icelanders Dohop to European Championships


Áfram Ísland! European Championships, here we come!

Today marks the start of the European Championships. We’re so excited to be a big part of the game this year, supporting our National Team in France and helping fans from around the world get the best flights, hotels and rental cars for the best possible pricing and schedules.

Team Dohop will be joining our fellow Iceland fans at Stade Geoffroy Guichard in Saint-Étienne to support the first Iceland match (of many!) on Tuesday, June 14.

There are so many amazing things about Iceland qualifying for the UEFA European Championships for the first time. Not only is Iceland the smallest nation to ever make it to the European Championships, its football program has only 75 professional soccer players (the Goalie is a filmmaker and the team trainer is still a practicing Dentist), and its season is only 5 months long (due to the weather). In 4 short years, Iceland’s FIFA ranking has moved from 112 to 33. Like so many things about Iceland, the team’s ability to overcome all odds to achieve success, can never be underestimated.

We want to make sure you have the tools you need to get to your favorite matches on time. Below we’ve compiled some info on how Dohop can help (how about a rental car instead of the train?!) as well as some handy resources to have by your side during the next month of soccer madness.

Dohop European championships 2016


Be Prepared: Union Strikes Affect Transportation

There are several union strikes in France across a number of industry sectors today and through the weekend. We encourage everyone to take some time planning their travel, as some air and rail services have and will continue to be impacted by demonstrations.

If you need to reroute or change your transportation plan, such as finding another flight route, booking an extra hotel night or getting a rental car, Dohop will help you get the best flight, hotel and rental car services for the best prices available to you.

Book flight Book rental car Book hotel

If you need updated details on the Air France strike, and how it may affect your travel plans, you can visit this information page. Air France anticipates that +90% of their flights will be in service on June 11.

The Local, a candid English language daily news site in France, has a snark-filled comprehensive A-Z guide of all things you should know about traveling to France for the European Championships over the next month– everything from Alcohol bans to  safety apps to Balthazar the rooster to avoiding delays due to the strikes.

Seljalandsfoss iceland

Summer Vacation Top 10 Destinations

It is summer vacation travel booking season for our US customers. If you are still trying to decide where to vacation this summer, these popular national and international destinations may inspire you. 

You love to get the best prices on flights, hotels and rental cars for your favorite vacation spots. On Dohop, we see thousands of travel searches every day. Our travel search engine makes it easy to find the best prices and schedules for your travel. Dohop lets you view and compare the most up-to-date information from airlines, hotels, rental companies and travel deal sites, all in one place.

Top US summer vacation destinations

The most popular places for national travel are also the most popular summer vacation destinations for our US customers. You’re all for sun, fun and historic sites!

You’re #1 pick for travel within the United States is…

summer vacation nyc new york city

  1. New York City
  2. Las Vegas, NV
  3. Orlando, FL
  4. San Juan, Puerto Rico
  5. Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  6. Chicago, IL
  7. Miami, FL
  8. Burbank, CA
  9. Atlanta, GA
  10. Washington DC
Book now


Top international summer vacation destinations

For international travel, the trends are polar opposite. A lot of you are going north to cool down. But many of you are embracing the summer heat and heading south– North, Central and South America make up 5 of the top 10 destinations on our list.

We love that the #1 international destination for US customers on Dohop is to our home country, Iceland. The near endless summer daylight in Iceland gives you the most sightseeing opportunities on any given day than just about anywhere in the world.

Summer vacation iceland

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland
  2. London, England
  3. Paris, France
  4. Santiago, Chile
  5. Dublin, Ireland
  6. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
  7. San Salvador, El Salvador
  8. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  9. Mexico City, Mexico
  10. Providenciales (Turks & Caicos)

No matter where you want to go this summer, Dohop will find the best prices on flights, hotels and rental cars. Anywhere. Simple.

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