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Beautiful Stopovers in Europe and beyond

Beautiful Stopovers in Europe and beyond

Turning flight stopovers into mini vacations

Sometimes seeing a flight itinerary with a “Stopover” can be frustrating when you really just want to get to where you need to be. Other times, especially on long journeys, they are also unavoidable. But, often times stopovers can save you money and break up a long trip. If you treat the stopover as a mini vacation, you may find yourself enriching your travel experience.  

To find the best deals and cheapest flights travelers should use research tools like ours to compare travel options, whether flight itineraries, hotel bookings or rental cars (  Dohop offers a number of filters to help you customize your travel search. 


Our search engine analyzes flight connections worldwide between any two airports to offer our own self-connect itineraries. We  also offer traditional flight itineraries you see on other services, as we combine offers of more than 1,200 airlines and online travel agencies to find the lowest available prices for you.

Great stopover locations to Europe or points East.


sergejf | flickr | CC

sergejf | flickr | CC

Magical Reykjavik

Most flights from the US to Reykjavik land early in the morning and there are plenty of evening and morning flights to Europe from Iceland as there are now 26 airlines servicing the small North Atlantic airport ideally situated halfway between North America and Europe. It is the perfect 1-day stopover opportunity. Take a day trip to Thingvellir National Park where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates crest (you can walk or even dive between them), soak in the Secret Lagoon or Blue Lagoon, hike a glacier or venture into the city of Reykjavik for some shopping, art and great nightlife. In winter, you could also likely catch the Northern Lights. Or, see more attractions in the summer due to the endless sun. Google’s Travel Trends 2016 report just named Iceland the #1 fastest rising destination for travel-related search.

richardmichaelshaw / Foter / CC BY

richardmichaelshaw / Foter / CC BY

Culinary Vienna

Ever considered a culinary stopover? A short stopover in Vienna to the imperial city center can open your palate and expose you to some of the world’s most treasured culinary delights. Why not consider a quick culinary class? Whether Schupfnudels, pancakes or a gorgeous piece of Sacher-Torte – Vienna is full of the highest quality food creations. Along the way, take a stroll to see St. Stephen’s Cathedral, State Opera and Naschmarkt in one of the most beautiful city centers in Europe. By the way: we highly recommend you try the best Tafelspitz in the world!


Informa Beauty | Flickr | CC

Wellness Oasis Paris

Everyone seems to love Paris. But did you know a quick stopover could rejuvenate your mind, body and soul? The city of love offers some of the best all-inclusive packages and even offers quicker treatments at its seven different spas right within the Charles de Gaulle Airport. You can choose Paris for everything from full-body massage to waxing to meditation and wellness coaching.

Mathias Apitz |Flickr| CC

Mathias Apitz |Flickr| CC

Alluring Abu Dhabi

With a state-of-the-art airport that includes many luxury amenities and cheap, quick access to some of the city’s top attractions, more people are considering Abu Dhabi as a great stopover location. The airport is located 30 kilometers from the city center, but the public transport for tourists is excellent! Sightseeing buses leave the airport every 40 minutes to historical places like the majestic Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Emirates Palace, the Observation Deck at 300 and the unique Falcon Hospital. While you do not need to secure a visa before travel to Abu Dhabi, you do have to get a transit visa from the immigration office at the airport before heading into the city.


pozek | flickr | CC

Spine-chilling Transylvania and Sighisoara

Bucharest’s revamped old town provides an array of interesting shops, architecture and bars. But if you have a day to explore, venture to the medieval city Sighisoara (UNESCO World Heritage site), the birthplace of Vlad Tepes (Dracula) and home to the Torture museum. It’s one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world. There are many architectural, historical & heritage tours departing from Bucharest. . Likewise, Transylvania day tours offer exciting landmarks like Dracula’s (Bran) Castle, Peles Castle and Rasnov Fortress.

Marcela Laskoski | unsplash | CC

Marcela Laskoski | unsplash | CC

Stopover nightlife

For those who enjoy letting their hair down and want to check out the scene should look for stopovers with well-know nightlife – like Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid and Reykjavik in Europe or  Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Shanghai in Asia.


Stopover in bed

Want that one quiet night before you reach your destination? Skip the agony of trying to make a terminal bench your bed and opt for a comfy well-priced hotel night stay.  Or, if your time is too short for a hotel but too long for wait in the terminal, consider the stopover cities that offer great additional amenities. At Zurich Airport, for example you can get a nap stay for the equivalent of $20 USD (€18) at the Transit Hotel. In Munich Airport you can rent a lockable cabin for $17 (€15).

Pro tip: the less you pay for your flight, the more luxurious you can make your stopover!


Dohop Flights App updated for Android and iOS

Dohop Flights App updated for Android and iOS

Dohop Flights App gets first class upgrade to deliver powerful travel comparison and booking on-the-go.

dohop flights app updated

Dohop Flights App, available for free through Google Play and App Store, has been updated with a fully revised design, more robust flight search and the ability to save recent flight searches. Dohop has also added a new “discover” tool, based on Dohop Go, which lets users browse and book the best-priced destinations currently available from their location.

The app also now includes hotel and rental car search for a complete travel comparison and booking experience on-the-go. All of the flight search filters and currency preferences enjoyed on Dohop’s site are also now available within the app.

Both the Android and iOS apps were built using React Native, streamlining development and improving Dohop’s ability to release features simultaneously across both platforms as well as desktop and mobile, for a more fluid user experience.

“Dohop is committed to making travel planning fun and simple. This is reflected in our new brand identity and the simplicity of the user experience on our site and app,” says David Gunnarsson, CEO of Dohop.

playStore appstore_360

What’s in the Dohop Flights App?

  • Hotel and rental car search
  • Robust Flight Search engine
  • Saved search results — see most recent flight searches.
  • Sort flight search results by price, take-off  and landing times, best possible itinerary and more.
  • Filter quality of travel (overnight stay, overnight flight, ground transport between connections, self-connecting travel), number of connections, length of time between connections as well as airport, airline and online travel agency inclusion or exclusion.

Dohop “Discover” at-a-glance

  • Browse best-priced flights from your location without typing.
  • Check current travel prices for any destination globally, for up to 1 year.
  • Intuitive user guidance simplifies travel planning.
  • Additional “self-connect” icons identify unique, Dohop-created flight itineraries in search results.

Dohop Flights App Discover



Dohop Adds FLYR Fare Protection for Flexible Travel Planning

Dohop Adds FLYR Fare Protection for Flexible Travel Planning


San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 29, 2016, the Iceland-based travel comparison site, today announced the introduction of FLYR Fare Protection to its growing list of customer-friendly flight search features.

FLYR Fare Protection is a new service that allows users to guard against fare hikes during their trip planning process.

flyr_lock-in dohop_website_flyr_04

For a small fee per passenger, FLYR Fare Protection protects today’s airfare for up to 30 days, giving customers the time and flexibility they need. For example, if a customer books a protected itinerary at a higher price during the coverage period, FLYR Fare Protection will pay out the difference, up to $200 USD (or equivalent) per protected passenger. Likewise, if the airfare drops during the coverage period, FLYR will notify the customer of the new lower fare. If the customer does not book the travel, their only cost is the small Fare Protection fee.

“Dohop is committed to helping customers make travel work for them,” said David Gunnarsson, Dohop’s CEO.

“By adding FLYR Fare Protection to Dohop, we are helping customers minimize their risk while giving them the flexibility they need to make the best choices for their travel plan.”

Fare Protection is useful for travelers who need a bit more time to finalize plans before committing to a booking.

Instead of booking the flight immediately and risk paying hundreds of dollars in cancellation fees or change fees, FLYR Fare Protection customers can stay flexible at a fraction of the cost.

“For over a decade, Dohop has dedicated itself to making travel as simple and stress-free as possible, all while finding low prices for its users. With our unprecedented value and flexibility, FLYR’s travel products are a natural fit with the Dohop brand.” — Jean Tripier, Co-founder and CEO, FLYR

“We’re thrilled to be launching FLYR Fare Protection with Dohop. As a fast-growing travel search engine with a playful, fun-focused image, it’s an ideal partner for us to work with in rolling out this revolutionary product to users.” — Alex Mans, Co-founder and CTO, FLYR

FLYR Fare Protection is available on Dohop in many currencies including Canadian Dollars, Danish Krones, Euros, Great British Pounds, Icelandic Krona, Norwegian Krones, Swedish Krona and US Dollars as well as several languages including English, Icelandic, German, Spanish and French. Additional FLYR personalized support is available in English, Spanish and French.

About Dohop

Dohop is a desktop, mobile site and app featuring a unique meta search engine for comparing and booking flights, hotels and rental cars. Dohop’s website and mobile app are nominated for two 2016 World Travel Awards™: World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website and World’s Leading Travel Technology Provider. Previously, Dohop was voted the 2015 USA Today Reader’s Choice Award for Best App/Website for Transportation and the 2014 World Travel Award for World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website.

Dohop’s B2B technology solutions offer virtual interlining and B2C flight search and booking technologies to airlines, airports and other travel websites. Notable customers include Jetairfly, Gatwick Airport, Milano Malpensa Airport and Yandex.


About FLYR

FLYR, Inc. is a San Francisco-based data science company focused on price protection, booking optimization, and travel finance. It was first conceived to relieve a universal pain point among travelers — the guessing game of booking airfares. Using mountains of data and billions of data points daily, FLYR has built the world’s most sophisticated pricing algorithm for airfares.

FLYR’s Fare Protection, quantifies fare volatility on each flight and allows users to “protect” their fare for a set duration of 3, 7, 14, or 30 days. FLYR will be seeking to bring the benefits to an ever-growing audience of consumers and travel partners. For more information, visit

Dohop nominated in two categories for The 23rd annual World Travel Awards™

Dohop nominated in two categories for The 23rd annual World Travel Awards™


We are nominated in two categories for the 23rd Annual World Travel Awards™ 

World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website

World’s Leading Travel Technology Provider 2016


We been nominated for the World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website for the last four consecutive years, beating out much larger companies to take the win in 2014 and qualify as a runner-up in 2015. Since these nominations, we have significantly improved our functionality and design, to deliver a more intuitive, personalized user experience for our customers.


“Receiving top industry validation for our flight search technology combined with our increased traction in larger travel markets, both with consumers and B2B partners like Yandex, Jetairfly and London Gatwick, makes us very happy,” said David Gunnarsson, Dohop’s CEO.

Our unique flight search engine technology, which finds all available flight connections between any two airports worldwide to deliver more flight schedule and pricing options to customers than any other search engine, has been gaining recognition globally. In addition, our hotel search with over 1 million accommodations in 227 countries, and rental car search with more than 1,600 car rental in 174 countries worldwide, rounds out our comprehensive travel search offering.

Our ability to make it to the Grand Finale event in the Maldives in December is largely dependent on you, our voting audience. Voting for the World and Travel Technology nominees is now open and will conclude on the Monday, 24th October. Votes are cast by travel professionals and consumers, with a vote cast by qualifying travel professionals carrying a weight of two votes.

To vote for Dohop, please visit

The red-carpet World Travel Awards Grand Final 2016 – travel and tourism’s elite event of the year – will take place on the 2nd of December 2016 at the Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort in the Maldives.


About the World Travel Awards

World Travel Awards was founded in 1993 to recognize, acknowledge and reward excellence in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry worldwide. Now celebrating our 23rd anniversary, World Travel Awards™ is recognized globally as the hallmark of quality, with winners setting the benchmark to which all others aspire.

For more information and to vote, please visit

Self-connect flights to great off-season destinations

Self-connect flights and off-season destinations

A really great way to save some time and money while traveling internationally, is by booking self-connect flight itineraries to off-season destinations. Non-interlining flight itineraries, or self-connect itineraries, include at least 2 flights on different airlines who are not in an alliance or partnership.

The Dohop flight search engine presents these self-connect itineraries in our search results, which we generate by analyzing and packaging flights by schedule and pricing between any two points globally.  The benefit of self-connect itineraries is often time and money saved.

Booking flights this time of year can already save you money. But you can get additional savings by traveling to off-season destinations.

Martinique and Costa Rica in the off-season

Credit: eddy_clio, Flickr CC

Credit: eddy_clio, Flickr CC

December in Martinique marks the beginning of the dry season, which sees tourists from all over the world descending on the small island to enjoy its temperate climate and getaway from winter.

But the last weeks of November and beginning of December can also be a great time to visit Martinique. Rainy season lets up at this time and businesses are anxious to get a jump on the tour season. You can often find great deals for tours, hotels and of course low cost flights. 

See flights to Martinique


The grass is always greener on the other side of the [tour season].


Whether you are looking for lower prices on food, reduced rates on tours, or great deals on lodging, you will find it during these glorious [off-season] months.” —Under30Experiences

Our friends at Under30Experiences, who we met during Startup Iceland conference a few years back, have a lot of great things to say about the off-season in Costa Rica in their latest blog post. As an organization who has brought several groups to visit Costa Rica and even inspired some of their employees to actually move there, they have some great insider insight.

Avoid the crowds and come in the rainy season between June & November. It’s cooler, there are less people, and you likely won’t get fried after the first day on the beach.”

Find flights to Costa Rica


Save further with all-inclusive tour packages.

credit: Under30Experiences

credit: Under30Experiences

Sometimes bus and guided tours are the most efficient means of seeing a lot of key sites at any destination without the hassle of planning, especially on stop-overs. Whether visiting the Blue Mountains of Australia or the glaciers and highlands of Iceland, experienced guides can really make your trip. 

But if you prefer getting a more curated and personalized experience without dealing with the logistics, consider experience companies like Tropicanyon in Martinique or Under30experiences who run experiences in Iceland, Ireland, Bali, Costa Rica, Machu Puchi / Peru,  Mexico and several other great locations, and offer immersive, community-driven small group adventures, focused on the local experience.

Visit Under30Experiences 

How to do Reykjavik Iceland on a budget

How to do Reykjavik Iceland on a budget


How to spend time in Iceland like a local and not end up with an empty wallet?

A few tricks to get the most out of you stay in Reykjavik!

Our friends at the New Neighborhoods Festival and Chimes put together a great list of ways to do Reykjavik on the cheap.

Cheap Flights to Iceland













1. Fly cheap!

If you want to make your trip affordable, start by choosing a cheap flight. There are several low cost airlines flying directly from the US, UK and Europe to Reykjavik (Keflavik) and can be found on Dohop’s flight search engine. You can find return flights even for as little as approx. $250 (£77,€89, zł400) for off-season trips. 

2. Use a credit card for payments

You can spend your whole holiday without even seeing Icelandic krona! Cash in Iceland is not very customary, you can pay just about everywhere easily with a credit card. That saves you ATM charges, etc.


3. Hostels

Hotels are rather expensive in Iceland. Fares often start from approx. $220 (£160,€200, zł860) per night for a double room in a 3-star hotel. Try staying in one of the many charming or hipster (depending on your style preferences) hostels downtown. If you pick KEX, you might get a chance to see the next big act from Iceland as its bar hosts live music nights – from jazz Tuesdays to indie Saturdays and KEXP sessions during Iceland Airwaves.

4. Self drive

If you plan on going out of town, rent a car and drive on your own. This way you will be able to see more, travel independently and really feel Icelandic nature – stop whenever you like and change your route according to the weather. Although Icelanders say wait 5 minutes for the rain to stop, check the weather in advance and adjust your daily destinations accordingly so that you make the most of your trip.

5. Night out in Reykjavik

Fancy a beer? Hanging out in a famous Kaffibarinn and sipping local Gull? Unless you know where and when to go for happy hour, be prepared to spend approx. $10 (£7,€9, zł40) for 0.5l glass! Don’t worry there is a way to make your night out affordable. If you don’t know any locals who will guide you to the nearest special deal, download Appy Hour app (Android /iOS) and save up to 50% on each drink.

6. Dining out

Traditional Icelandic cuisine might not be too impressive – don’t be fooled by weird Icelandic delicacies such as fermented shark or marinated sheep testicles, Icelandic cuisine has more to offer. There are tons of great, tasty choices. For lunch, try a simple but deliciously prepared and beautifully served catch of the day (arctic char, cod, among others) for approx. $13(£10,€12, zł50). Don’t pay for soda but rather drink tap water with your meal – it’s the best and cleanest water there is. It is more healthy than your regular choice of soda and you don’t have to pay for it – how great is that!

If fish is not on top of your food choices, go to one of the best “deals” places such as Kryddlegin Hjortu on Hverfisgata, where you can eat a tasty dinner with a 2 for 1 deal. Most restaurants have a tilborð (special offer) on their menu.

7. Shopping

Best souvenir to bring from Iceland? We’d say the traditional beautifully knitted sweater, made from Icelandic wool (lopapeysa). Go native and buy it in one of the red cross stores where you can find them at least 50% cheaper. Or, if you know how to knit – buy yourself a bag of wool of your choice, find your favourite pattern online and knit one yourself! 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to get a “tax free” receipt for any items you purchase over 6,000 ISK, so you can get a tax refund.  24% VAT is usually built into the price tag on retail items. So, you’ll want to get that back.

8. Do the pool like a local

One of the best things in Iceland are the outdoor geothermal swimming pools. If you plan to stay a couple of days in Reykjavik or you travel in a group, go for 10 entrance card instead of buying single ticket every time you go for a swim. It will help you save up to 50% on each bath.

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What to wear when traveling to Iceland

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Jak spędzić czas na Islandii nie wydając przy tym tony pieniędzy

Jak spędzić czas na Islandii nie wydając przy tym tony pieniędzy

Jak spędzić czas na Islandii jak jej rodowity mieszkaniec nie wydając przy tym tony pieniędzy?

Użyj poniższych wskazówek i wykorzystaj swój wyjazd jak najlepiej!

flights to iceland

1. Lataj tanio!

Jeśli chcesz sprawić, żeby Twój wyjazd był oszczędny, zacznij od znalezienia taniego lotu. Istnieją przynajmniej dwie linie lotnicze, które oferują bezpośrednie loty z Warszawy i Gdańska do Reykjaviku (KEF) za niewielką cenę: węgierski Wizzair i islandzki WOW air. Najlepsze okazje znajdziesz na Dohop. Można tam trafić na bilety nawet za 400 PLN (specjalne oferty poza sezonem)! Sprawdzaj Dohop regularnie, by mieć dostęp do wszystkich specjalnych ofert lotów.

2. Używaj karty kredytowej podczas płatności

Możesz spędzić swój cały wyjazd nie zobaczywszy nawet Islandzkiej korony! Gotówka na Islandii nie jest obowiązkowa, z łatwością możesz wszędzie zapłacić kartą. Unikniesz dzięki temu dodatkowych opłat bankowych.


3. Hostele

Hotele na Islandii są raczej drogie. Ceny zwykle zaczynają się od 200 euro za dobę za dwuosobowym pokóju w 3-gwiazdkowym hotelu, ale warto zaglądać na Dohop, gdzie obok lotów znajdziesz też atrakcyjne oferty noclegów. W Reykjaviku zamiast hotelu wybierz hostel – zależnie od Twoich preferencji nocuj w jednym z uroczych ze skandynawskim designem lub nowoczesnym hipsterskim hostelu w centrum miasta. Jeśli wybierzesz KEX, prawdopodobnie będziesz miał również okazję zobaczyć na żywo popularny Islandzki zespół, ponieważ bar w KEX regularnie organizuje wieczory z muzyką na żywo. Od jazzowych wtorków, aż po indie soboty i sesje dla KEXP podczas festivalu Iceland Airwaves.

4. Prowadź sam

Jeśli planujesz wyjazd poza miasto, wypożycz samochód i prowadź sam. W ten sposób, będziesz mógł podróżować niezależnie, zwiedzić więcej i naprawdę poczuć islandzką naturę – zatrzymać się gdziekolwiek chcesz i zmienić trasę zależnie od pogody. Mimo, że Islandczycy zawsze mówią, żeby poczekać 5 min aż przestanie padać, sprawdzaj pogodę wcześniej i dostosuj swoje plany odpowiednio, aby skorzystać jak najwięcej ze swojego pobytu. Dohop pokaże Ci też najkorzystniejsze ceny wypożyczenia samochodu, więc pamiętaj, aby tam zaglądać.

5. Impreza w Reykjaviku

Chcesz wyjść na piwo? Spędzić wieczór w słynnym Kaffibarinn popijając lokalny Gull? O ile nie wiesz gdzie i kiedy pojść, żeby załapać się na Happy Hour, bądź przygotowany na wydatek rzędu 40 PLN za pół litra piwa! Ale nie martw się, jest sposób by nie wydać fortuny podczas jednej imprezy. Jeśli nie znasz żadnych mieszkańców, którzy mogliby pokazać Ci najbliższe miejsce z ciekawymi ofertami, pobierz Appy Hour app (Android / iOS) i oszczędź nawet do 50% na każdym drinku!

6. Jedzenie na mieście

Islandzka kuchnia nie jest zbyt powalająca – ale nie daj się zwieść dziwnym islandzkim specjałom, takim jak sfermentowany rekin czy marynowane jądra barana! Islandzka kuchnia ma więcej do zaoferowania. Na lunch, spróbuj prosteale smaczne danie – pięknie podaną rybę dnia (tzw. “catch of the day”, np. pstrąg czy dorsz) za około 50 zł. Nie płać za wodę mineralną, lecz wybierz wodę z kranu. To najlepsza i najczystsza woda jaką do tej pory piłeś! Jest zdrowsza niż napój, który mógłbyś wybrać i nie musisz za nią płacić. Jeśli ryba nie jest Twoim ulubionym daniem, pójdź do jednego z miejsc z dobrymi ofertami, takich jak Kryddlegin Hjortu na Hverfisgata, gdzie możesz zjeść smaczny obiad w ofercie 2 za 1.

7. Zakupy

Najlepsza pamiątka z wyjazdu na Islandię? Tradycyjny, piękny, ręcznie robiony sweter z islandzkiej wełny zwany Ioppapeysa. Bądż jak prawdziwy mieszkaniec i kup go w jednym ze sklepów czerwonego krzyża,gdzie możesz go znaleźć nawet 50% taniej. Lub, jeśli potrafisz robić na drutach, kup dowolną paczkę wełny, znajdź swój ulubiony wzór i zrób go sam! Robiąc zakupy pamiętaj o tym, że wyjeżdżając możesz otrzymać zwrot naliczonego podatku VAT na wszystkie dobra zakupione powyżej kwoty 6000 ISK (ok. 200 zł).

8. Pływaj jak Islandczyk

Największą atrakcją Islandii są odkryte geotermalne baseny.Jeśli planujesz kilkudniowy pobyt w Reykjaviku albo podróżujesz grupą znajomych, wybierz karnet na 10 wejść zamiast kupować pojedynczy bilet za każdym razem, gdy idziesz popływać. Dzięki temu oszczędzisz aż do 50% przy każdej kąpieli.

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12 Travel Booking Myths Busted

12 Travel Booking Myths Busted

There are endless travel booking myths out there that can cloud your judgement or negatively impact your travel planning. This can be frustrating when traveling in your home country, but imagine traveling internationally and running into snags because you were not properly informed. We here at Dohop want to help you understand what is true or false about travel booking for Flights, hotels and car rentals.

Flight Booking Myths

Dohop airplane


1. Buying a ticket at the last minute means a better deal. FALSE-ish. Many airlines have moved away from last minute booking sales. You’ll more often find flight deals or “flash sales” for flights either well in the future or within +/- three months of intended travel, depending on the destination’s high and low seasons. The usual rule of thumb for international travel however is the farther in advance you buy your tickets, the better the fare will be.

2. You can book tickets more than a year in advance. FALSE. Most airlines release their seats up to 11 months in advance only.

TIP: There is no better time than the present to book flights for the fall and your next international holiday travels. This time of year is a peak time for best pricing on flights for the fall and early 2017. See the best-priced destinations and dates, from where you are, with Dohop Go.

3. You always have the choice of booking a one-way ticket, instead of round trip. TRUE. Airlines let you book one-way tickets. But some countries will not allow travelers to visit the country if they don’t have a round trip ticket booked, or a proper visitor or work visa in place. It’s important to gather this info in advance.

4. Train travel is cheaper than air travel. FALSE. It’s a common myth that flights are more expensive than train tickets. But the truth is that air travel quite frequently is cheaper than train travel, especially since the introduction of low cost airlines like WOW air, Ryanair and easyJet.

5. You can change the name on a ticket. Somewhat FALSE. It really depends on the airline. Some will force you to buy a new ticket, while others will charge a fee to make any changes. It’s important to check an airline’s rules before buying a ticket.

6. Non-Refundable airfares are always non-Refundable. FALSE. In addition to being refundable without penalty within 24 hours of booking on most airlines, non-refundable fares are fully refundable if the flight is canceled, significantly delayed, or if the airline makes a significant schedule change before you depart. Many airlines also make special exceptions on a case by case basis for extenuating circumstances.

7. You can book bereavement fares, senior and child discounts. Mostly FALSE. Most airlines have stopped offering bereavement fares and senior discounts. Many airlines have special fares for children under 2 years old who will be sitting on a guardian’s lap. However, kids 3+ years generally have to pay full fare. It’s important to review each airline’s child travel policies and pricing and also ask for assistance in advance if needed.

Hotel Booking Myths


8. Your electronic room key card stores all of your personal and credit card info. FALSE. It doesn’t.

9. When a hotel says all of our rooms are the same, they mean it. FALSE. Every floor of every floor has structural differences. Room sizes and layouts may vary, popularity of different views change, and yet many times these rooms are listed under the same price category– identical in the eyes of the hotel inventory system.  No one wants the bad rooms. But, what is bad for one might be ideal for another! Read guest reviews and browse photos from review sites and contact the hotel if you have specific room preferences.

10. Mid-week prices are the cheapest. Partially TRUE and partially FALSE. Unlike mid-week airfares, larger hotels in larger cities such as Berlin, Warsaw, London and Barcelona, host many business meetings and conferences during the workweek, which lessens the number of rooms available and increases pricing. Smaller hotels or those in predominantly vacation destinations may have better rates for mid-week stays.

Car Rental Myths


11. Car rental companies are open 24 hours per day. FALSE. This is a common misconception and definitely worth looking into before selecting which rental car office from which to rent a car. If you’re car rental office is at a major airport, it is more likely to service customers 24 hours per day. However, smaller airports or rental offices in other non-airport locations may have restricted hours for pick-ups and drop-offs.

12. Rental cars charge full-day for an hour if you book at 23:00 Hours. FALSE. In fact, the booking timer only starts ticking from the moment your car arrives at the venue. So if you book the car at 11 PM on a Sunday, you pay three days rent only when you leave the car at 11 PM on Wednesday. Packaged rental deals, like those that have a flat rate for weekends, may have different rules, so it’s important to confirm the rental car office’s rental rules before booking.

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Long distance love during fall’s cheap flight season

Long distance love during fall’s cheap flight season


We love the fall for so many reasons, and it’s not just because it’s pumpkin spiced everything season.


The awe-inspiring sunsets have returned and we can feel the air getting cooler here at Dohop headquarters in Iceland (after an unseasonably and greatly appreciated warm summer). Fall is definitely upon us.

This week is one of our favorite times of year, as it marks the beginning of the fall travel season, when business conferences begin, kids head off to school or start college and airfares plummet!

Long Distance Love  💜 😍 💜


While still difficult, being away from loved ones for long periods of time has never been easier, as there are so many ways to stay in touch.

Can you hear me now?

From Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Tango, Facetime, Google Hangouts, everything Facebook, direct messages on Instagram and Twitter to business tools like Slack, Zoom, and newcomer Troop, you can share, chat and see your favorite people between highly anticipated reunions. Sending postcards, letters and unexpected treats in the mail is another great way to show someone they’re in your thoughts.

What are some of the ways YOU connect with loved ones while away?

Fall in love with cheap flights!

The correlation between the end of summer and the start of the fall travel season opens many great opportunities to plan and book travel to see those you miss so much. So, whether it’s your new summer romance, your long time love, family or a bestie, this is a great week to book your next big adventure together.

Flights-from-New-York-to-Los-AngelesLet Dohop help you reunite!

Whether you’re looking for flights from New York to Los Angeles, Paris to London, or Iceland to anywhere, Dohop has a few great ways to take advantage of the fall flight sales:— our flight search engine is designed for ease-of-use with variable filters to help you customize your search for more precise personal results. We then populate your search results with both uniquely Dohop itineraries (see “self-connect” below) and itineraries from the over 1200 airline, airport and travel sites. We encourage you to use Dohop in your native language and currency and home country for a more comfortable user experience.

Flexible Fare Calendar— If you can be flexible about your flight days (in order to save money), the flex calendar, which appears after initial flight dates are selected, displays the lowest fares across +/- 3 days from the initially selected dates.

Dohop Go— Research when flights are cheapest for your favorite destinations over a period of time. Or, use Dohop Go to see the cheapest flights currently available to any destination.

Dohop Flights App (available through google play and app store) has expanded beyond its simpler flight search in earlier iterations to enable you to have a powerful travel search engine on the go, with all of the filters and currency preferences you enjoy on Dohop’s desktop and mobile site. You can search and book flights, as well as save recent searches. You can also easily book hotels and car rentals. The Dohop Go feature is available as a “discovery” tool inside the app.

“Self Connect”— Dohop itineraries sometimes show a  “Self Connect” label on the itinerary.  These flight bookings are schedule-based, meaning we at Dohop automatically identify flight times globally (from thousands of airlines and airports) that complement each other. We then pair those flights together as itineraries, even if the airlines don’t have existing partnerships (such as low cost airlines or low cost-to-traditional airline itineraries), which can save you even more money and time while traveling.

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Reykjavik Celebrates Cultural Exchange

Reykjavik Celebrates Cultural Exchange


Reykjavik Culture Night

Saturday, 20 August 2016, marks the official start of the city of Reykjavik’s annual cultural and event programming– when the museums, galleries, theaters and other culture-focused organisations announce their annual schedules.

culture night

For the past 21 years, Reykjavik has celebrated the occasion with a full day of activities under the umbrella Menningarnótt (Culture Night). The name is a bit misleading, as the day’s events kick off in the morning with the Reykjavik Marathon, end with an impressive late night fireworks show and sandwiched between is a full schedule of welcoming cultural events, celebrating both Iceland’s commitment to the arts and it’s long history of cultural exchange.

We’re really looking forward to the many music, theater, live art and social events for both kids and adults. One of the best traditions during Menningarnótt, is the “vöfflukaffi” where residents of the Þingholt neighborhood open their homes, offering waffles and coffee to passers-by. Waffles! Coffee!!

The full event schedule can be found here

New Neighborhoods Festival

Dohop is so happy to be a part of Menningarnótt this year through our support of the New Neighborhoods Festival happening at Kex Hostel on 20 August from 14:30 (2:30pm).

Dohop partnered with New Neighborhoods Festival to celebrate our mutual love of cultural exchange through travel, art, music and collaboration.


New Neighborhoods Festival, organized by the Chimes Agency in Poland, mixes a Polish and Icelandic musical lineup and includes visual artists from the two countries, providing exceptional visual elements for attendees – thus, incorporating artistic exchange into the spirit of the festival.

New Neighborhoods Festival Schedule (20 August):

14:30-15:10 – Beatmakin Troopa

15:30-16:10 – Hatti Vatti

16:40-17:10 – Úlfur Úlfur

17:40-18:10 – The Stubs

18:40-19:10 – Tonik Ensemble

19:50-20.30 – Baasch
The visual design of the festival is produced by photographer and video producer Guðmann Þór Bjargmundsson and video projections designer Stanisław Zaleski, of YesEyeDo who has previously collaborated with Grzegorz Jarzyna, Keith Warner and Amon Minamoto as well as designed video projections for Metropolitan Opera New York, Royal Danish Opera and National Opera in Warsaw.

The Reykjavik event is part of a two-city cultural exchange through music and art, also taking place 10 September in Warsaw, Poland.

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