Anywhere. Simple.

The story behind the new Dohop identity

Dohop Brand

Playful is the new serious.

Dohop searches through hundreds of thousands of ways to get people to the cities they want to visit. A lot of this is very technical and complicated.

But we think that travel should be simple. Travel should be fun.

So we got a group of clever Swedes together and they took all the fun of travel, all the cleverness of Dohop and all the colors in the world and created Dohop’s new identity.

We present: Anywhere. Simple.

Our philosophy is that even though the technology powering Dohop is complicated, using Dohop shouldn’t be. So we made everything bigger and easier to interact with.

Of course, everything works just as well on mobile devices (and our logo even changes with the user’s screen size).

The flight results are simple, presenting everything the user needs in an easy-to-read manner.

The flight search result is now larger and clearer. Frequent travellers will notice that the result item is designed like a flight ticket.

We have new highly visible tabs that are categorized by cheapest or quickest, depending on how much of a hurry the user is in.

Price alerts are now available for all languages.