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We’re on a mission to revolutionise travel connectivity

Air to air connectivity

We enable airlines to sell connecting journeys involving flights operated by multiple carriers without the need for interline relationships or codeshare agreements.

Learn about Norse Atlantic Airways’ launch strategy and how selling and distributing connections contribute to their long-term vision.

Air to ground connectivity

We bring together air, rail, and road operators to expand their reach and cater to travellers’ changing needs by providing improved connecting journeys.

Learn about how Deutsche Bahn leverage Dohop technology to power air to rail connections.

We have the experience of creating connecting solutions for more than 50 airlines and operators from across the globe.

Why Choose Dohop

Grow incremental

Expand your


Retain customer


Launch a fully
customized solution

We power streamlined customer journeys

Luggage through-check

Jetstar offers connections that include luggage through-check for a seamless customer experience.

Secure connections
serviced by Dohop

In case of disruptions, Dohop communicates with passengers and airlines to provide alternative flights and ensure full service recovery.


Would you like to learn about your specific
opportunities to connect?


Get in touch, and we’ll give you a demo and run a connectivity study to show you your airline’s most lucrative potential connections.