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Johann was born in a small city in a small country but has since lived in bigger cities in bigger countries. He now lives in Reykjavik, Iceland where he works for

Travel Instagram

21 Best Travel Photos on Instagram

We love travel. We are also quite enamored with photos of travel so it should come as no surprise that Instagram is one of our favorite social sites. We’ve spent a little time looking at amazing photos on Instagram in the last few days, and here are our favorites. (Make sure to follow all these great travelers) “a little snow…

10 Cities You Want to Visit in 2014

We can see your future, and we know what city you will visit this year.  How? Well, whenever users search for a flight on Dohop we log the destination and the dates involved (not in a creepy NSA-way where we steal your data and the names of your children, we just record that a Dohop user searched for flights from A to…


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