Where to go this autumn?

The Best Travel Deals This Autumn

Is it time to go abroad and make the most of the summer and even travel to a warmer place? Since we don’t know what you are up for, we checked out three perfect yet different places to visit this autumn. Our muse this time around was: DRINKS.


Get a teeny tiny bit drunk

We can’t talk about drinks without mentioning the beer-drinking in Munich, Germany. Germans are now starting to count down to the 180th Munich Oktoberfest which is held between 21. September and 6. October. Do you want to go? Lederhosen, laughter, fun and of course beer drinking till you almost drop. “Only” 14 beer tents to choose from – PROST!

Return flights during Oktoberfest over a long weekend:

The cheapest hotels in Munich that are available now (and close to the festival site):


Under the Tuscan Sun

Tuscany is great for autumn travelling; it’s not too hot, Italian tourists have gone back home and the wine harvest is taking place. This is the perfect place to rent a car and drive between different cities and towns. Seven Tuscan localities have been designated World heritage sites, among them the centers of Florence, Siena, Pienza, San Gimignano and the square of the Cathedral of Pisa. Just remember who is the designated driver before you say: Salute!

Return flights to Florence, with a week stay in Tuscany in September/October

Week for a rental car from total € 158,75


Have a cup of tea

No it is not all about alcohol consumption. October can be one of the best months to travel to China (though try avoiding the week-long Chinese National Day holiday from 1st to 8th of October). The weather is very comfortable and pleasant. Autumn colors begin to appear across the country, and the mountains are full of mixture of red, golden, yellow and brown colors. How about taking a sip of superb Chinese tea on The Great Wall of China and say:  ??! [??!] (g?n b?i)

Return flights to Peking, China in October, staying for two weeks

You probably want to travel around the country a bit during your two weeks stay. But we can among others recommend several hotels to you in Beijing.


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