5 Tips That Help You Find the Cheapest Flight

When it comes to finding cheap flights, we have quite a bit to share with you. You see, we go through a lot of flight searches every day, and we have learned a few things that are good to keep in mind when searching for the cheapest flight available. Below you’ll find 5 great tips.



1. Fly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Most people fly on Fridays and back on Sunday. This means that more seats tend to be available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and so you are more likely to find the cheapest seats on these days.

2. Only use carry-on

Many airlines are charging extra for luggage, so pack everything you can into your carry-on bag. Luggage is overrated anyway. Who needs more than a pair of jeans and a toothbrush anyway?

3. Use the low-cost airlines.

The low-cost airlines are your friends. Well, not really, but they are the cheapest way to fly. easyJet, RyanAir, Vueling, Norwegian, WOW air…. the list goes on and on. And they are all to be found on Dohop.

4. Combine low-cost airlines

Don’t just use one low-cost airline. It may be cheaper for you to fly with Ryanair to Alicante and then with Norwegian back, than it is to fly both ways with either one. Check out this search result to see for yourself.

5. Book 3 months in advance

Flight prices very rarely go down. It is always best for you to book as soon as possible, because the cheapest seats on the airplane are the ones that go first. So book early.

Secret extra tip: check Dohop Away for super-low flights from the airport of your choice.

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  1. travel-agcy.blogspot.com
    November 3, 2013 at 20:57

    Great! Love this kind of posts because you end up knowing more people and find out great inspiration!

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