Is Dohop Going to go Broke?

We are a flight search engine. And every time our users find and book flights, hotels or rental cars, we make a little money. We recently came across a very interesting graph that caused our hearts to skip a beat.

The Bad News

The following image should scare us. We want user to find us when they look are looking for flights and hotels, and the graph below clearly shows that fewer and fewer people are doing so. In fact, judging by the steepness of the graph, we should be panicking.

The red line shows searches made for the keyword “hotels” and the blue line for the keyword “Flights”. As is clear, most of the world is increasingly finding their flights through other means than googling. (Except for Ireland, they still go nuts googling for hotels.)

The Good News

Dohop has been growing steadily since we launched in 2005 and search traffic is not really a big source of our traffic. The people who should really be worried are the ones that depend on traffic from these keywords. (Google, we are looking in your direction.) With their acquisition of ITA, Google is looking to cash in on those looking for these keywords, and as the graph shows, this is a rapidly diminishing group.

So no, we are not going to go broke in the near future, since our visitor numbers are growing every year, despite this clear decline in people googling “flights” and “hotels”. Our visitor graph looks quite the opposite of the one above. Google flights, on the other hand, may go the way of Buzz and Wave in a year or two.

What did you think?


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