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5 Reasons to Visit Warsaw This Year

Warsaw is a really awesome city to spend time in, but can be hard to navigate for first-time visitors. The city is big, spread out and lacks a really ‘cool’ center. So we got tips from some Warsaw locals and created a handy must-see guide for you. We want to make sure you don’t end up in a club bouncing with corpo-types and crap DJs playing Eurotrash music and there are so many more things…
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Long distance love during fall’s cheap flight season

  We love the fall for so many reasons, and it’s not just because it’s pumpkin spiced everything season. The awe-inspiring sunsets have returned and we can feel the air getting cooler here at Dohop headquarters in Iceland (after an unseasonably and greatly appreciated warm summer). Fall is definitely upon us. This week is one of our favorite times of year, as it marks the beginning of the fall travel season, when business conferences begin,…
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Flights From Iceland Have Never Been Cheaper

According to our latest price-comparison for flights from Keflavik airport, it has never been cheaper to fly out of the country. The average price for a return flight from Iceland is now 44.045 krónur and has never been lower. In addition to this, we expect flight prices to dip even further as we head into the fall. Iceland is experiencing a travel boom, and more airlines now have scheduled flights to Iceland than ever before.…
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Reykjavik Celebrates Cultural Exchange

Reykjavik Culture Night Saturday, 20 August 2016, marks the official start of the city of Reykjavik’s annual cultural and event programming– when the museums, galleries, theaters and other culture-focused organisations announce their annual schedules. For the past 21 years, Reykjavik has celebrated the occasion with a full day of activities under the umbrella Menningarnótt (Culture Night). The name is a bit misleading, as the day’s events kick off in the morning with the Reykjavik Marathon,…
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4 Tips to Make Left-handed Travel the Best

Left-handed people don’t have an easy lot in life, living in a world where almost everything is “vice versa”. This can get especially frustrating while traveling. Well, we have a small something for the left-handers of the world, seeing as Saturday is International Left-Hander’s Day. Personally, we think every Saturday should be Left-Hander’s day, seeing as about one in seven people are left-handed. But what do we know. Introducing Dohop‘s four tips for left-handers to make travel more enjoyable.…
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Icelanders opt out of France

Iceland wants to go anywhere but France

In June, Dohop saw over 94,000 unique visitors within Iceland searching for flights, hotels and rental cars. Most of those visitors were looking for ways to get to France, more specifically the Euro2016 games. According to the latest census, the population of Iceland is 331, 778 people. Basically, one could conclude that nearly 1/3 of the residents of Iceland had Football Fever last month. Adieu, France. Iceland moves on to Spain. But as July shows us,…
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Pokémon Go and Next Level Travel

Who didn’t go crazy collecting Pokémon on the new Pokémon GO game this weekend? While the game is officially limited in availability to countries like the US, New Zealand and Australia, it was easy for those in other countries to get in on the action. Plus, if you’re from those regions and happen to be traveling, you can use the app to break the ice and meet new people.  Pokémon Go for Next Level Travel Imagine the impact on an international…
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How prices on flights from Iceland will change in the next months

Do you want to know the cheapest time to travel in the coming months? We constantly monitor flight price trends here at Dohop. In analyzing how prices evolved in 2015 and the pattern thus far in 2016, we can estimate that its likely we’ll see a drop in flight prices in the next months. Even though the prices on flights from Iceland right now are 17% lower than in previous years (more competition perhaps?), we expect them to drop even…
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How to get to Paris for Euro2016

Get to Paris from Anywhere for Euro2016 After Iceland’s epic win over England last night, Icelanders from around the world (and newly acquired Team Iceland fans) are using Dohop to get to Paris for the July 3 match against hosting team France. Over 71,000 Team Iceland fans hit the Dohop travel search engine during and immediately after the 2-1 Iceland vs. England match last night. Best connecting cities Other than the obvious routes (i.e. direct to Paris from your home…
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Iceland cheers new President and Euro2016

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In Iceland, there is plenty to cheer about It is an exciting time to be in Iceland! We have near-eternal day light, the countryside is lush and green, summer holidays are under way and over the weekend, our home country elected a new President, Gudni Johannesson. President-elect Johannesson was a well known and respected historian and political commentator before deciding to run for office. Our new First Lady is Canadian-born Eliza Reid, a writer and co-founder of the…
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10 Facts about Iceland Independence Day

First, on Iceland Independence Day, let us say Áfram Ísland!! We really look forward to tomorrow’s European Championships match against Hungary at Stade Vélodrome. This week’s tied (1-1) #Euro2016 match against Portugal showed that Iceland and Icelanders should never be underestimated. If you look at the history of Iceland, the small nation (note: not small minds, eh em, Cristiano Ronaldo) of 331,667 people (as of 14 June 2016) has achieved many great successes and serves as a model for how…
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Flights to France Travel Searches Triple

Flights to France Searches on Dohop Triple after Iceland-Portugal Match  The number of searches on Dohop for flights to France tripled immediately following Iceland’s draw against Portugal at the European Championships on Tuesday in Saint-Étienne, inspiring predominantly Icelandic but also global interest in going to France. This can be clearly seen in the following graphs, which show both minute-by-minute visits to Dohop and in a country comparison chart showing the most searched destinations. Web traffic jumps immediately after…