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Seljalandsfoss iceland

Summer Vacation Top 10 Destinations

It is summer vacation travel booking season for our US customers. If you are still trying to decide where to vacation this summer, these popular national and international destinations may inspire you.  You love to get the best prices on flights, hotels and rental cars for your favorite vacation spots. On Dohop, we see thousands of travel searches every day. Our travel search engine makes it easy to find the best prices and schedules for your travel. Dohop lets you view and compare the most…
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The 10 Cities Most Norwegians Want to Visit This Year

More and more Norwegians are using to find and book flights. We took a look at the data and saw where most of them are looking for flights to. These results are based on nearly 100,000 flight searches made so far in 2016, all from various cities in Norway. Oslo was the single city most Norwegians searched for flights to, by far. But to make this post more interesting we excluded it from this list.…

We Just Won an Award!

We are proud to announce that Dohop is the recipient of the 2016 Icelandic Innovation Award. The award was presented to Dohop’s CEO by the Icelandic Minister of Industry at an event at Grand Hotel in Reykjavik. The recipient of the award is chosen by The Icelandic Innovation Center, The Icelandic Center for Research, Promote Iceland and NSA Ventures. Past winners include the Blue Lagoon and CCP, makers of the popular multi-player online game EVE.…
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Dohop’s 2015 Hotel Report (Infographic)

Travelers (you) made thousands of hotel bookings on Dohop’s hotel search in 2015. Among the things our data lets us see are when the booking is made, the specific hotel, and the length of the stay. The data shows a high proportion of single-night hotel bookings, many of them on short notice. Also clear is that most people do still play it safe; the average hotel booking is made 6 weeks in advance. The infographic…
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Dohop Expanding Wings to Dubai, The Global Capital of Airline Innovation

  Iceland-based Dohop have announced a strategic partnership with BizGate, a specialist marketing consultancy based in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is reinforcing its status as a global hub for the aviation industry. Top international flight providers, as well as trade partners, have already established a presence in Dubai. Now the country is spreading its wings again, building links with the world’s leading flight comparison website*, Dohop. David Gunnarsson, Dohop CEO said “We are very…
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5 Ways to Enhance Your Culinary Travel Experience

Some of us eat to live and some of us live to eat. Since we all need our basic three meals a day, wouldn’t it be a fantastic idea to make the culinary immersion part of the travel experience? Food may satiate your hunger, but good food can satiate not just your hunger, but your taste buds as well. As such, since there is a growing trend of food-centric traveling, why not experience the city…
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World Tourism

5 Charts That Show the Surprising Growth of World Tourism

Your favorite place in the world is about to get really crowded.  The following charts show just how much global tourism impacts the world economy and, more surprising, just how much it is set to grow. What surprises us most about these projections, especially the first one, is just how much tourism is expected to grow in Europe, and the expected explosion in visits to countries in Asia. Another interesting thing to note is just…
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Cheap flights to Copenhagen

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Copenhagen Copenhagen – one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe and certainly the most comfortable. Copenhagen is recognized as a major European city, one of the top ten cities in the world with regards to quality of life.
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The 6 Most Common Mistakes You Make When Booking Flights

When you are booking a flight, do you ever worry that you are doing something wrong? We asked one of our vendors, Flight Network, what mistakes made by customers they dealt with most often. Here’s what they said. 1. Contacting the Wrong Company Often times when people book with sites like Dohop, travelers are unaware that they have actually made their flight booking on another site, like Flight Network. This is not a huge mistake…
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Dohop wins USA Today Award

USA Today’s 10Best Readers Select The Best in Budget Travel

The readers of USA Today’s 10Best travel site voted Dohop their favorite app or website for worldwide budget travel! In the category Best App/Website for Transportation, the readers selected cheap-flight website was voted the best App/Website for Booking Your Stay. Runners up in the first category included car-rental company SIXT and parking start-up SpotHero. In the second category the runners up were TripAdvisor and Roomer. Dohop and HomeExchange were nominated along with 19 other travel…
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Who Does It The Fastest?

You know how some people just take forever to make up their minds? We’re pretty sure that, depending on the country you are from, we can guess how long it would take you to find and book a hotel room. How? Well, we have a lot of data. Tens of thousands from all over the world use Dohop to find and book hotel rooms. What we did was sort the data (158,164 visitors) by country…