Customized search solutions for airport websites

Along with being world-class, the Dohop flight search is fully customizable to fit the needs of airport (and airline) websites. For airports, increased passenger traffic is usually the goal and the Dohop ViaAirport solution can help you achieve just that.

The Dohop ViaAirport Search

ViaAirport is a unique product for airports who would like to increase their passenger traffic. The Dohop flight search can be customized to find only routes through your airport, only link to certain booking websites or airlines directly. This helps increase airport traffic and also maximizes the revenue potential, both directly and indirectly. Bookings through the ViaAirport solutions generate revenues for the airport, as the booking revenue is split between Dohop and the customer.

Key benefits for airports

  • Increased passenger traffic. Customers report a growing increase in traffic once the product is launched and promoted in the relevant markets.
  • Incremental revenue. Dohop shares the revenue generated from bookings in a 50/50 split, which counts against a monthly usage fee.
  • More power and flexibility. With the booking partner of your choice, or simply all of ours, you can maximize your revenue from the product.

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