Enterprise solutions for airline websites

Our website,, is the consumer part of our business. We try to keep that part friendly and fun, but when it comes to software solutions for airlines we get deadly serious.


The Dohop Connection Search

For airline websites we offer the Dohop Connection Search. This is basically a highly customized version of our flight search, specifically tailored to match the routes offered by a specific airline or tailored to a specific airport as a search engine with that airport as the main hub.

The Connection Search can be especially useful for long-haul airlines as well as any airline looking to help their customers easily find connecting flights where their own route network stops.


Key benefits for airlines

  • Increased bookings. Customers report a 1% increase in bookings on average.
  • Incremental revenue. Dohop shares revenue generated from bookings on other airlines.
  • Improved customer service. Customers complete entire trip in one place instead of looking elsewhere.

For further information or direct sales, please contact us.


Other services

The great thing about Dohop is that we can do pretty much anything. We are a small company, we work fast and we deliver results. We can provide airlines with clickable maps for airport selection, we do route calculations, and figure out the best connection option. If you have a project related to flight search, routes, or connections, just ask.