So you’d like to advertise?

There are two types of advertisers on our sites. On the one hand we have our suppliers, the online travel agents and airlines that show up in our search results. On the other hand websites who simply want to place a text or banner ad on our site, next to the search results. Which one are you?

We work with advertisers of all shapes and sizes.  To name a few (and namedrop while we’re at it) we have contracts with American Airlines, Air France / KLM, British Airways, RyanAir, easyJet, and the list goes on. We also work with online travel agents like Orbitz, ebookers, lastminute, opodo, Expedia, and Travellink.

Become a flight search supplier

If you are an online travel agent or airline, and would like to show up in our search results you are welcome to drop us an email to There are a few things to clear up first, so make sure you support, or are ok with, the following:

  • XML API or another type of web service, so that our servers can ask your servers for prices and availability.
  • HTML Scraping for prices and availability
  • Visitors are able to complete a booking online.
  • You are able to work on a CPC or CPA basis, preferably using third party tracking.
  • You can supply schedules in an SSIM format

Finally, we welcome schedules from all airlines. If you can arrange to send them to us on a regular basis, say weekly or every other week, we would be most grateful. Please send them directly to

Hotels and rental cars

You have probably already seen that alongside our flight search we have hotels and rental cars. But since we are absolute experts when it comes to flights, and not so much when it comes to hotels and rental cars, we leave those two things to some excellent partners.

For our hotel search, we recently selected as our sole partner. They do everything, and we simply put our logo on top. They compare 32 providers to find the best price for each hotel room, so you are pretty safe there.

We’ve done the same thing for our rental car search. Late 2009 we chose CarTrawler as our sole partner for rental car search, and they have done an excellent job so far. So many of our customers tell us they find great prices all the time, so we’re happy.

Become an advertiser using Google AdWords placements

We do have some ad space available on our website and we welcome advertisers. We don’t have our own system for managing ads – Google actually does that for us. All you need to do is sign up for AdWords if you don’t already have an account and use for placement targeting. Just make sure you use either the 160x600px skyscraper format or a simple text ad.

If you’re new to AdWords or you’re simply not sure about how to use placement targeting, here’s a hand video: Creating a placement targeted campaign.

If you need something tailored specifically to your needs or you want a slot in our newsletter, just send us an email to