Hi, We’re Dohop

Dohop screen shot

Dohop was founded in 2004, because people like you needed a proper way to find and connect flights online.

We didn’t invent the wheel or anything, but we did create a pretty neat flight search that has some unique features and at the 2014 World Travel Awards Dohop was voted “The World’s Leading Flight Search Engine”.


At heart, Dohop is simply a search engine, much like Google, except only for flights. We search and match routes to find the best way to fly between two places, and then we search for the best prices for those routes. We also find rental cars and hotel rooms, cheaper than most.

We’re not a big company but we are growing and we have a terrific team. When we’re not at our desks we play the occasional game of foosball and on Fridays we try to squeeze in a beer or two after work.